Details : Roffesoft Jokes and Limerick Archives
Roffesoft Jokes and Limerick Archives

A searchable archive of jokes and limericks.
Details : Funny Pictures
Funny Pictures

Humorous pictures, games, funny jokes and fun pages.
Details : Crazed Goose Humor
Crazed Goose Humor

An archive of funny pictures, jokes, flash, and videos.
Details : Edge Funnies Gallery
Edge Funnies Gallery

Hundreds of cartoons, political jokes and "priceless" spoofs.
Details : Zoe's Fanny Database
Zoe's Fanny Database

The huge generator of hilarious jokes, amazing stories and funny pictures.
Details : Jokes4us

Library of jokes for adults.
Details : Keepers of Lists
Keepers of Lists

A humble order of monks that keeps a large archive of amusing lists. Lists can be created, added to and voted on by the public.
Details : The Pleasure Pages
The Pleasure Pages

Funny pictures, movies, and sounds. Dutch and English language.
Details : School Jokes
School Jokes

Hundred of clean fun jokes about school, teachers, school dinners, exams and more
Details :

Large risque humor archives, funny files to download, and email greeting.
Details : BardoTown Gazette
BardoTown Gazette

Full featured news/satire complete with Classified Ads, Sports, OpEd columns, and Better Tombs and Gardens.
Details : FWD: FWD: FWD: Forwards
FWD: FWD: FWD: Forwards

A growing collection of e-mail forwards and pictures.
Details : Joke Barn
Joke Barn

Free joke and humor related site. Large searchable database of jokes and free membership to get a funny Joke Barn Joke-of-the-Day subscription.
Details :'s archive of jokes and humor.
Details : 365JokePlace

Jokes archive containing audio, video files, and pictures.
Details :

E-mail joke archive featuring all the newest jokes.
Details :

Guaranteed you will laugh or smile at something here.
Details : Jokester's Home Page
Jokester's Home Page

Categorized jokes, games, cartoons, pranks and a joke mailing list.
Details : Archives2Go

Humor archive that contains jokes, stories, poems and quotes.
Details : The Mother of All Excuses Place
The Mother of All Excuses Place

Read over 900 excuses for not going to work or school, police and accidents, breaking dates, doctor excuses, missing church, diet, tax excuses and funny things that people do.
Details : LarsPlace

Slightly risqué pictures, cartoons, and jokes.
Details : Tar And Feathers
Tar And Feathers

An archive of weird, funny and unusual files.
Details : Absurd!

This site has stories, jokes, and columns.
Details : The Laugh Zone
The Laugh Zone

Archive of jokes, searchable database by topic.
Details : Emergency Humor Center
Emergency Humor Center

Offering humor including true stories, urban legends, legal humor, pranks, blondes, computers, and animals, with web rings, links, and a forum.
Details : Laugh My Ass
Laugh My Ass

A large archive of all types of jokes from animal jokes to religious jokes.
Details : Nathan Mates's Humor Archives
Nathan Mates's Humor Archives

Nathan Mates's Humor Archives compressed into .zip files.
Details : Net Laughter
Net Laughter

Funny pictures, videos, movies, email forwards, downloads, and jokes.
Details :

Hundreds of emailed jokes divided into categories, rated PG or PG-13, and looking for their original author.
Details : Olley's Place
Olley's Place

Funny pictures, jokes, movies, funny sounds, flash and shockwave animation.
Details : Newsletter Newsletter

Back issues of a funny humor newsletter.
Details :

Including humor about cartoon characters, gender, nationality and pets.
Details : Tyedye's Skew'd News Journal
Tyedye's Skew'd News Journal

Satirical news journal 'featuring' current topics.
Details :

A large collection of funny photos.
Details : Werners Place
Werners Place

Funny site covering jokes, useless facts, pictures, videos, sounds, quotes, and stories.
Details : What About The Shoes
What About The Shoes

A collection of funny movies, cartoons, games, parodies, and sounds.
Details :

An archive of the silliest, stupidest, and most outrageous things found for sale on eBay.
Details : ExtremeHumor

This site includes funny pictures, funny movies, jokes, fun pages and games.
Details : httpjoke

A collection of jokes and stories circulating on email on a variety of topics.
Details : The Humor Source
The Humor Source

Funny pictures, jokes, downloads, tests, and link. Submit comments and votes. Includes newsletter.
Details :

Pictures, flash cartoons and jokes.
Details : Jim's Joke Repository
Jim's Joke Repository

Thousands of jokes including canonical lists, computer, business, school, Clinton, and holiday jokes and sad-but-true stories.
Details : The Humor Archives
The Humor Archives

E-mail jokes database features attachments, programs, games, and stories.
Details : eHumorCentral

Humor on a wide variety of different topics, including government, answering machines and technical support. Random joke selector and search engine.
Details : Email Bliss
Email Bliss

Includes jokes, movies, pictures, and executable files.
Details : Weirdity

Collection of tall tales, jokes, and stories with special ares for Genies, Light Bulbs, and Microsoft.
Details : Rude Humor
Rude Humor

The best of funny pictures, hillarious videos, gut busting songs and programs.
Details : Blinger's Fun and Games
Blinger's Fun and Games

Jokes, one-liners, photos, games and multimedia.
Details : Bucket O' Humor
Bucket O' Humor

Features jokes, stories, lists, and columns.
Details : Laugh Naked
Laugh Naked

Growing collection of the best online humor.
Details :

A collection of daily jokes, humor articles, funny graphics, and photos archived from all those items that circulate around the Internet.
Details : The Manbottle Library of Questionable Humor
The Manbottle Library of Questionable Humor

Humor database, random joke generator, and mailing list.
Details : The Joke Archives
The Joke Archives

Humor collection with over a thousand categorized jokes.
Details :

A collection hundreds of jokes, pictures and cartoons that have been found along the information superhighway. Front page has a challenging navigation screen.
Details : Funny City
Funny City

Collection of funny pictures, videos and jokes. In English and Greek.
Details : Forward It
Forward It

Hilarious humor archives with jokes, pictures, internet tag, videos that you can forward to your friends.
Details :

Jokes and humor archive.
Details : Funny Pictures and Cartoons
Funny Pictures and Cartoons

Large archive, in groups of twenty.
Details : Forward Jokes
Forward Jokes

A collection of jokes, funny stories, pictures, and little programs.
Details : Laughingshop

Funny pictures, videos, files and sounds.
Details : LaughNet - Bringing You The Lighter Side of the Internet
LaughNet - Bringing You The Lighter Side of the Internet

Large, well organized humor archive.
Details :

Features jokes, categorized funny pictures, stories, and games.
Details : The Funny Name Server
The Funny Name Server

A collection of several thousand funny, amusing, interesting, strange, and occasionally rude names from the phone book.
Details : Dizzyboy's Joke Archive
Dizzyboy's Joke Archive

Includes a joke mailing list archive, fortune cookies, a personal profile and some photo galleries.
Details : Shayne Michael's Humor Archives
Shayne Michael's Humor Archives

These archives allow several personal settings which can be adjusted like a search engine, so you only see the jokes and joke information you want.
Details :

Free funny pictures, jokes, comics, cartoons, animations, songs, movies and more.
Details : Emuse

An archive of funny articles to circulate via email.
Details : Excuses

Fun, original and useful excuses for all kinds of occasions, for use at home, work, school, and life.
Details :

Rhetorical philosophy on life, jokes, funny pictures and downloads.
Details : Headline Humor
Headline Humor

Hilarious images from around the globe including funny headlines, advertisements, signs, a caption contest and more.
Details : The Wayne Pages
The Wayne Pages

Links, polls, pictures and discussions.
Details : Funny Pictures Archives
Funny Pictures Archives

Pictures archives, comic strips, and cartoons.
Details : Archive of Email Forwards
Archive of Email Forwards

A collection of email forwards, ranging from the hilarious to the infamous.
Details : Humor on the Internet
Humor on the Internet

A distillation of humor collected from around the internet, including computer jokes, sci-fi, sports and pets.
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