Audio and Video Clips

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Thumbnailed avi and mpg videos.
Details : Made Ya Smile
Made Ya Smile

Features collection of au, avi, mov, mp3, mpeg and wav files.
Details : Funny Pictures and Videos
Funny Pictures and Videos

Videos in zip, avi, mpg files plus jokes and sounds.
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Animated Flash movies with Fatty Big Eye, Desktop Guru, Bruce, plus free downloads and twisted humor.
Details : OfficeJunk

An archived collection of downloads including mpeg's, avi's, exe's and other funny files.
Details : All Day Breakfast
All Day Breakfast

Serving up family-sized portions of delicious comedy bits on video and the web since 1952.
Details : Crazy Inside
Crazy Inside

Funny movies, pictures, programs, comics, screensavers, wallpaper.
Details : EBaum's Web World
EBaum's Web World

A collection of pictures, jokes, sound files, avi movies, cartoons, and games.
Details : Electronic Sickness
Electronic Sickness

QuickTime animation in a twisted vein.
Details : Free Universe
Free Universe

Collection of humorous videos in French and English language.
Details : Level 13
Level 13

Multi-channel Internet animation network featuring animated shorts, cartoons, and adult humor.
Details : Phonebashing

Quicktime movies of serious pranks involving destruction of mobile phones of randomly selected people.
Details : Satire TV
Satire TV

RealPlayer webcam broadcast of John Phillip Contini's commentary.
Details : Stupid Videos
Stupid Videos

Large, well organized collection of free stupid video clips in Windows Media Player and Quicktime format.
Details : Funny Film Clips at WidgySoft
Funny Film Clips at WidgySoft

Funny clips from all around the world for your pleasure.
Details : Comedy Sounds
Comedy Sounds

Audio files from Austin Powers, South Park, The Simpsons and The League of Gentlemen.
Details : ComikZone

Features tons of crazy comedy video clips with sound effects and voice overs.
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Fun video clips in mpeg and avi, images and games free to download.
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Original Flash animations and funny articles.
Details : Caught On Video
Caught On Video

Footage segments and video clip links directory from all over the web.
Details : Free Video Clips
Free Video Clips

Funny and painful video clips in mpeg and avi format for downloading and viewing.
Details : Voice Mail Greetings
Voice Mail Greetings

Original, quality answerphone greetings for your home phone callers.
Details : Wackymovies

Free funny movie site with mpegs, mpgs, avis.
Details : Funny Videos
Funny Videos

A collection of more or less funny videos.
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Features cool stuff such as mp3s, wav files and video clips.
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Non-profit web site dedicated to laughter. Funny videos, songs and pictures.
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Funny pictures, videos, games and jokes' links.
Details : Ridiculous Asylum
Ridiculous Asylum

Original, crazy and hilarious Jackass type videos and pictures' archive.
Details : Rigged Productions
Rigged Productions

Original and funny film and video, cartoons, songs, and stories.
Details : Funny Video Clips
Funny Video Clips

Offers streaming, real player, funny and hilarious videos.
Details : News Donkey
News Donkey

Download and email stupid flash movies and pictures.
Details : WavHound Sounds
WavHound Sounds

Funny sounds from several sources as well as a downloadable fart machine.
Details : Webmoment Movie Site
Webmoment Movie Site

Variety of categorized videos in mov, mpg, avi, shock and flash formats.
Details : The Oval Show
The Oval Show

Features comedy, cult, drama, musical and documentary video clips.
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Funny movies and videos.
Details : Wassup Speed Racer
Wassup Speed Racer

Wassup Speed Racer video in several formats.
Details : MC Hawking's Crib
MC Hawking's Crib

Humor site featuring Stephen Hawking as a gangsta rapper. Quotes, news, and MP3s.
Details : G-ice Funpage
G-ice Funpage

Video clips in avi, mpg; a few wav sounds.
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Collection of categorized funny wavs, games, and links.
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Funny movies, pictures, and stories.
Details : Video Klips
Video Klips

Clips organized by categories, feature 'klip' and mailing list.
Details : CrazyVids

Hilarious video footage; everything from exploding whales and broken bones to funny animals.
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Funny streaming sound and video clips, downloads, jokes, pictures and trivia games.
Details : Damaged Goods Comedy Shop
Damaged Goods Comedy Shop

Free mp3 audio humor recordings, featuring Ralph Vader and Sexual Harassment 101.
Details : GeeTrish

Funny pictures, weird news, jokes, and cartoons, archived and daily.
Details : Punchbaby

A new funny video clip every day, in mpg, mov, and avi.
Details : Doug's Tub O'Sound
Doug's Tub O'Sound

Hundreds of wav and midi files from TV and movies.
Details : Planet Dumbass
Planet Dumbass

Totally free funny pictures, audio and video clips.
Details : Corona Movies
Corona Movies

Take a spin and sit down to watch short entertaining movies.
Details : Crazy Drunk Guy
Crazy Drunk Guy

RealAudio recordings of some weird drunk guy who calls people at work.
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Funny mp3s, humorous video avi files and other cool stuff and links.
Details : MiniClips

Wicked clips and animations, most of them free.
Details : Yuppie Slayer
Yuppie Slayer

Funny wav sound files used on the Drew and Mike radio show.
Details :

Videos in mpg, sounds in mp3, jokes and images.
Details : Itty Bitty Films
Itty Bitty Films

Original movies in RealPlayer, featuring the Rant of the Week.
Details :

Place for funny and obscene videos, movies, pictures, games, and news articles.
Details : Talk Duck
Talk Duck

Original Duckwave clips and a feature to request a custom duckwave.
Details :

Daily updates of funny and cheeky pictures, videos and jokes.
Details : Tractor Junk
Tractor Junk

Funny video clips that come with an image preview.
Details : TVCubed

Featuring animated shorts and flash movies.
Details : You Wanna Know
You Wanna Know

Webertainment site with video sketches, advice columns and games.
Details : Glowport Funny Audio Center
Glowport Funny Audio Center

Funny music, audio and sound clips compressed and sorted into large collections.
Details : Laughing Head
Laughing Head

Comedy web shows including Mistah Impressionist Mastah featuring celebrity impressions.
Details : Glowport Funny Video Center
Glowport Funny Video Center

A collection of humorous videos, animations, and movie clips.
Details : Flaky Philez
Flaky Philez

Some avi and mpg videos in with the jpg and gif pictures.
Details : Bad Humor
Bad Humor

Big site with a lot of avi and mpg movies, wav and mp3 sounds, pictures, jokes and links.
Details : Digital Comedy Nipple
Digital Comedy Nipple

Streaming MP3 pop spoofs, audio and video clips, cartoons, articles and games.
Details : EmailFilms

Watch amusing, shocking and funny mpeg movie clips under 20 seconds using Realplayer.
Details : Hot Picks
Hot Picks

Commercial showcase for QuickTime animations and videos.
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