Details : Pure Basic Forums
Pure Basic Forums

These forums are where you'll find answers, ideas, tips and information about the versatile cross-platform programming language that is PureBasic.
Details : Raiders of the Lost Altair BASIC Source Code
Raiders of the Lost Altair BASIC Source Code

As promised, here's the story of what happened to the source code for the Gates-Allen-Davidoff 4K BASIC interpreter for the MITS Altair. [The Register]
Details : SmallBASIC

Free BASIC for Unix, PalmOS. Runs on PalmOS, Linux, Win32 and DOS.
Details : Full Moon Software
Full Moon Software

offers add-on products and utilities for several Basic languages for DOS. The entire catalog and some demo programs are available for download.
Details : Win32 PS2 YaBasic Port
Win32 PS2 YaBasic Port

Project home page. [Open Source]
Details : Fantaisie Software
Fantaisie Software

Home of PureBasic, a new "high level" programming language based on established BASIC rules.
Details : Free BASIC Script Language
Free BASIC Script Language

FBSL is a Free BASIC Script Language tool dedicated to 32/bit Windows platforms like Windows 9.x, Millenium, NT and 2000.
Details : The Cross Entertainment Team
The Cross Entertainment Team

This page is devoted to Qbasic, Vr Studio and Visual Basic Programming in this page you will find a forum, chatroom, some tutorials and 3D games.
Details : BASIC Central
BASIC Central

Contains many files, tutorials, and graphics related to BASIC programming. You can submit your files here.
Details : Basic Gurus
Basic Gurus

Programmers pages with Basic programs and sources, links.
Details : Basic Users Network
Basic Users Network

Contains beginner and advanced information for BASIC. Offers compilers, interpreters, and code examples.
Details : KBasic

Provides an implementation of the "Basic" programming language for KDE. Describes the programming language as well as available and planned applications to support it in KDE.
Details : All Basic Code Archives
All Basic Code Archives

ABC source code packets for free download. Categorized forum to help the programmer with programming issues. Links to programming sites.
Details : IBasic

A simple to use BASIC like language that creates stand alone executables from Pyxia Development. Programming samples, documentation and an active user forum. [Shareware]
Details : Megabasic

A web site on Mega Basic, contains tutorials, files, etc.
Details : All Basic Code Forum
All Basic Code Forum

Forum for many type of Basic programmers. Area for Employers and Consultants also. Ask your Questions and get answers.
Details : Hello, World program
Hello, World program

A sample "Hello, World" program, written in BASIC.
Details : HTBasic

BASIC for Windows, Linux, HP-UX and DOS. MS Office integration. GPIB and GPIO interfaces. VXI solutions. HP 700 add-ons. By Tech Soft GmbH.
Details : Phoenix Object Basic
Phoenix Object Basic

A unique object-oriented RAD tool for Linux.
Details : O'Basic

Visual Script Language for Windows95, 98, NT and 2000.
Details : PICBASIC

The official UK PIC Basic Compiler web site.
Details : MoonRock compiler
MoonRock compiler

A free compiler for a Basic-like language, with QuickBasic source code.
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