Details : Banana Beer (a.k.a. Jungle Juice) from RecipeSource
Banana Beer (a.k.a. Jungle Juice) from RecipeSource

A blend of fruit juice and bananas, served with any favorite bubbly soft drink.
Details : Barley Water
Barley Water

An old fashioned drink.
Details : Pomegranate Drink
Pomegranate Drink

A simple and easy Middle Eastern recipe made with fresh lemon juice, pomegranate juice, and orange blossom water.
Details : Fruit Juice Cooler
Fruit Juice Cooler

Peach nectar based beverage with the addition of bottled water, orange, grapefruit, and lemon juice.
Details : The Webtender Holiday Special
The Webtender Holiday Special

Drink recipes for the Holidays from The Webtender.
Details : Almond Tea
Almond Tea

Serve hot or well chilled in soup bowls, an interesting recipe using rice and no tea leaves.
Details : Simple Syrup
Simple Syrup

This is a simple recipe using corn syrup, sugar and water, brought to a boil to thicken. It can be used to rescue an overbaked cake too.
Details : Milk Drinks from RecipeSource
Milk Drinks from RecipeSource

Collection of flavoured milks, non-dairy milks, and sweet condensed milk recipes.
Details : Minted Simple Syrup
Minted Simple Syrup

This syrup, made with fresh mint sprigs, will keep for weeks in the refrigerator, and can be used to sweeten a variety of beverages.
Details : Almond Milk
Almond Milk

Simple and basic recipe from Living and Raw Foods.
Details : Milk Replacements: Nut Milks
Milk Replacements: Nut Milks

Provides recipes for an assortment of milk substitutes made with vegan ingredients.
Details : Hot Buttered Rum Mix
Hot Buttered Rum Mix

A vanilla ice cream based mix, kept in the freezer until ready to drink, used with boiling water.
Details : Hot Drinks from Bar None
Hot Drinks from Bar None

Generally mixed with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Good for winter nights.
Details : Reddest Cordial Ever
Reddest Cordial Ever

Cordial is a fruit drink concentrate. This recipe uses water, sugar, fresh or frozen raspberries, lemons, and tartaric acid. Presented by Burke's Backyard.
Details : Sugar Syrup
Sugar Syrup

Simple syrup made with sugar and water. Often called for in lemonades.
Details : Thai Tea from RecipeGal
Thai Tea from RecipeGal

Tea and coffee recipes for hot or cold drinks from various bulletin boards and usenet groups.
Details : Tomato Juice Recipes
Tomato Juice Recipes

Recipe for homestyle crock-pot tomato juice, and vegetable juice cocktail, using fresh tomatoes.
Details : Watermelon Champagne
Watermelon Champagne

Champagne poured over a blenderized mixture made of sugar and pitted watermelon cubes.
Details : Pink Perfection Juice
Pink Perfection Juice

A smooth blend of hulled strawberries, watermelon, and freshly squeezed orange and lime juice.
Details : Preserving Beverages: Water, Juice, and Milk
Preserving Beverages: Water, Juice, and Milk

Instructions to store water for emergency situations, pasteurize milk at home, and preparation and canning of apple or grape juice.
Details : Spritzers

One recipe using citrus, the other peach nectar.
Details : Milk Thandai
Milk Thandai

A milk and water based drink seasoned with almonds and a selection of spices.
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