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Comprehensive guide to birds and parrots on the web.
Details : Australian Birds
Australian Birds

Monthly magazine about birds from Australia. Facts and short information on some of the species.
Details : Avian Network
Avian Network

Information/education and links to breeders & suppliers for parrots and all pet birds.
Details : Electronic Zoo / NetVet Veterinary Resources
Electronic Zoo / NetVet Veterinary Resources

Extensive list of bird-related links.
Details : Parrot Talk
Parrot Talk

Various links, articles, and resources.
Details : Companion Parrot Quarterly
Companion Parrot Quarterly

Offers information on care and training geared towards preventing behavior problems, and to raise the best companion parrots possible.
Details : The Game Bird Gazette
The Game Bird Gazette

Information on raising and breeding game birds such as pheasants, quail, partridges, ducks, geese, swans and also doves and pigeons, including incubators and hatching eggs.
Details : Bird Mag Dot Com
Bird Mag Dot Com

Pet bird breeder resources, including articles on building aviaries, rare avian species, conservation, legislation, bird clubs, bird laws by state, bird business, ecotravel, bird sounds, parrot pictures, bird parks and zoos, and wild birds.
Details : Lassje's Bird Board
Lassje's Bird Board

Bird owners and aficionados discuss their birds.
Details : Exotic Bird Rescue
Exotic Bird Rescue

List of links on general bird information along with some rescue links and information.
Details : Lori Journaal International
Lori Journaal International

Online magazine about lories, lorikeets, hanging parrots and fig parrots. It is produced 4 times a year in 3 languages (English, German & Dutch).
Details : Birdcraft

Avian articles from Petcraft. Species included are cockatiels, budgerigars, doves and canaries.
Details : Original Flying Machine
Original Flying Machine

Bi-monthly publication that focuses on 5 key areas: behavior, care, conservation, rehabilitation and breeding.
Details : Bird Times
Bird Times

Covering all types of cage birds. Reader stories, training and behavior tips, general care and health issues, and articles on different species.
Details : Cagebird

Links to pet bird articles, avian law, suppliers, bird shows, clubs and mailing lists.
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Has feature stories, news, bird-club and bird-rescue group listings, and advice on health, behavior, and breeding.
Details : Parrots Magazine
Parrots Magazine

Covering all parrots and parrot-like birds. Reader stories, articles covering breeding, behavior, and health care. Chat room and a list of avian veterinarians in the UK.
Details : Pet Bird Report
Pet Bird Report

A magazine edited by parrot behavioral consultant, Sally Blanchard, that provides bird care information to prevent behavior problems.
Details : Winged Wisdom
Winged Wisdom

Exotic bird and parrot e-zine featuring articles on care and breeding. The articles are grouped by issue or by topic.
Details : IA Parrot
IA Parrot

Offers a variety of services including classified ads, a message boards, links, and chat forums.
Details : vogels go2
vogels go2

Links to other bird websites, mostly in Belgium.
Details : Bird Life Online
Bird Life Online

Information and resources on birds and parrots of all kinds. Classifieds, message boards, articles and e-cards.
Details : Word's Worth
Word's Worth

A free e-zine celebrating talking birds in the news, literature, music, history, mythology, and popular culture.
Details : Big Bird Search
Big Bird Search

Search directory for bird and bird-related sites.
Details : Rob Harvey
Rob Harvey

Directory of worldwide bird links and information.
Details : Association of Avian Veterinarians
Association of Avian Veterinarians

Advancing and promoting avian medicine and stewardship.
Details : The Parrot Pages
The Parrot Pages

Provides information and a home for avian products, services, breeders, clubs, and organizations.
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