Browser Based

Details : Astrodragon

A selection of free web based games.
Details : ArcadePod

Your source to hundreds of free online Java, Flash and Shockwave games on the internet.

Details : Silverspar on the Web
Silverspar on the Web

Free online games that will challenge you.
Details : Solo Games
Solo Games

Solo Games has news and the online games.
Details : Something Fun
Something Fun

Simple scripts used for a variety of web games.
Details : The Splash Page
The Splash Page

Made for the Netscape browser.
Details : Gratuitous Pleasures
Gratuitous Pleasures

Happiness without Reason, Joy without Cause. A cavalcade of fun in a world grown old before its time.
Details : Hotprize

Play games for prizes.
Details : InterJeux.Net

Set of interactives and playful free games to play online. Matermind, othello, solitaire, blackjack, yahtzee, mandala, puissance 4, isola, memory, sokoban. (Site is in both French and English)
Details : Gogo Net
Gogo Net

Home of GOGO NET, formerly, located in Austin Texas. Featuring DHTML, VRML, games, multimedia and a variety of internet amusement.
Details :

Provides a variety of JavaScript and Flash games.
Details : Lycos Games
Lycos Games

Free online versions of many games, including card games.
Details : Madcool Entertainment Center
Madcool Entertainment Center

Offers Java and Shockwave games.
Details : mindQuest

Features games such as Deathtris, Simply Pong, and Chinese Checkers.
Details : ModemMom's Place
ModemMom's Place

Free games: Video Poker, Solitaire, Jungle Runner, Space Blaster, Slot Machine, Tic Tac Toe, Word Search, Asteroids, Battleship, Blackjack, Breakout, Boggle, Mahjongg, Tetris, Ping Pong.
Details :

Includes titles such as Meltdown, Super Dunk, Sea Quest, and Warp.
Details : InterJeux

Set of interactive games : Mastermind, super-Mastermind, Yathzee, Othello, Solitaire, Mandala, Isola, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Hanoï's towers.
Details :

Lots of free to play games - Six Nations Rugby, Pool, Darts, Chess, Invaders, Solitaire. Genepool and more.
Details : Yahoo! Games
Yahoo! Games

Internet gaming community offering free multi-player games and games clubs. Also news, reviews, demos, ratings, and cheats.
Details : Village Center Social Club
Village Center Social Club

A site offering games on the Internet for all ages and links to additional game sites.
Details : Vizag

Play games online such as chess, checkers, puzzles, and word search.
Details : The World Wide Web Entertainment Package
The World Wide Web Entertainment Package

Free online games including Othello, Pegged and Galaxy. More to come.
Details : Monkey Play Games
Monkey Play Games

Monkey Play Games offers several free multiplayer play-by-web games.
Details : MREDKJ

Offers Flash games as well as Java and JavaScript utilities.
Details : MSN Gaming Zone
MSN Gaming Zone

Offers checkers, chess, reversi, ants, and backgammon.
Details : iPlay3D

Offers free shockwave and flash games.
Details : Irish Lassie
Irish Lassie

Free Games, screen savers, Darwin awards, ICQ & more.
Details :

Play online chess, backgammon, checkers, Battleship, Othello, reversi, Connect4, variations. WebTV compatible games. Free turn-based multiplayer Internet board games, email notification.
Details : Klorg: Games
Klorg: Games

Offers 10 games including Tic Tac Toe, Klorgtris, and Rocket Launch.
Details : Loco Games
Loco Games

Action shooting games - Classics and Old Favorites - Las Vegas style gambling games - Brain Twisters - Trivia quiz for prizes.
Details : Netcentral

Play all the classic games plus some modern 3D ones.
Details : ObjectsFusion Games
ObjectsFusion Games

Offers Shockwave, Java, and DHTML games.
Details : Peoples Emporium's Games
Peoples Emporium's Games

50+ free games to play online.
Details : Phil & Moke's Secret Games Place
Phil & Moke's Secret Games Place

Links to popular online games, contests and sweepstakes.
Details :

Provider of family-based games for everyone including card, board, word, trivia, bingo and casino games with no software installation, plug-ins or long download time.
Details : The Superhornet
The Superhornet

Free online shockwave and java games as well as many other topics.
Details : Tange Online Games
Tange Online Games

Collection of free in-browser games.
Details : 9 to 5 Cafe
9 to 5 Cafe

Includes action, sports, and puzzle games.
Details : ToyLab

Arcade of java and flash games featuring original characters.
Details : UPlay

Variety of java and shockwave games.
Details : PopCap Games
PopCap Games

Fun games for the whole family.
Details : Go To Free Games
Go To Free Games

Solve puzzles, play memory game, piece together jigsaw puzzles, play blackjack or 5 versions of solitaire.
Details : Funtines

Online interactive games - roleplaying, shockwave and java games.
Details : GameHouse

Offers Jave, Shockwave, and Flash games covering a variety of genres.
Details : Gamesville

Home to the award-winning The Bingo Zone, Picturama, Acey Deucey, Pop Quiz, Sports Madness and many other great realtime multiplayer games.
Details : Gerold's Gaming Site
Gerold's Gaming Site

Contains funny online games with hi-score lists.
Details : Funbrain

Contains educational games that improve your math, science, and grammar skills.
Details : Glen Semino's Web-page
Glen Semino's Web-page

Play online games from different genres
Details : Fun and Games
Fun and Games

Arcade games, checkers, solitaires, trivia, sweepstakes, casinos. Something for everyone from novices to pros.
Details : Global Fun
Global Fun

Offers games such as Babies, RollerBoy 2, and Insectazoids.
Details : Fun and Free Online Games
Fun and Free Online Games

Add captions to cartoons, write grafitti, play cards, and more.
Details : PrimeTap

Come in and play cool video, trivia and variety games on site for free.
Details : BU's Interactive WWW Games
BU's Interactive WWW Games

Armada, Hunt the Wumpus, Tic tac toe, and other java and non-java games.
Details : Chefboy Arcade
Chefboy Arcade

Become a member of the Pasta Club, and play games.
Details : Coffee Break Arcade
Coffee Break Arcade

A collection of Java and Shockwave games sorted into six genres.
Details : Cool Breeze Games Room
Cool Breeze Games Room

Play a selection of classic games free online.
Details : Cool 'n Calm
Cool 'n Calm

100's of free online games for your fun and pleasure.
Details :

Includes more then 50 online games from many genres.
Details : Damien's Online Games
Damien's Online Games

Games for individuals, two-player games, and a few others.
Details : Dan Zen
Dan Zen

Zany collection of games and gadgets like Web Ouija, Grim Reaper's Age Guesser, Spirogram, Teleporters, Hip Cats, Moustache Mysteries.
Details : Dilip's Games Homepage
Dilip's Games Homepage

Play Pong, Play Extrasensory Perception, Tic Tac Toe Game, Lifecounter, Checker, Quick Game, Guess Game, Shoot Target, Hangman.
Details :

Play online web games.
Details :

Contains free online games website including action, arcade, casino, and sports web games.
Details : EZone

Includes games like Valet Ballet, Lenny's Solitare and Fat Boy.
Details : Flipside

Collection of multiplayer online games to win cash prizes, including: Counterstrike, Half Life, Vampire: The Masquerade, board games, cards, chess, and the Wordox.
Details : Free Game Stuff
Free Game Stuff

Online shockwave and java games plus freeware game downloads.
Details : Free Games
Free Games

Offers free online games.
Details : Free Games Online
Free Games Online

Free Games Online offers a directory of java, javascript, and shockwave games free online.
Details : Free Online Games
Free Online Games

Features free online games ranging from action and arcade games to poker and word puzzles.
Details : Gamemakers

Includes titles such as TaxiGame and BoulderGame. Also includes a reflex tester.
Details : The GameMaster BBS Web Site
The GameMaster BBS Web Site

Find out what a BBS really is. Play games in Java, and Shockwave all for FREE. New games are always being added.
Details : Gamers Paradise
Gamers Paradise

Free online games.
Details : Games Arena
Games Arena

Includes free online games, and demos.
Details : Webland Arcade
Webland Arcade

Offers 5 Flash games.
Details : The Sandbox Arcade
The Sandbox Arcade

Collection of shockwave and java games. Sport games, classic arcade games, and action games.
Details :

Free online multiplayer service.
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