Details : Extraordinary Cats
Extraordinary Cats

Discover stories of cats performing amazing acts of courage, stamina, resourcefulness and loyalty. Produced by Nature.
Details :

Part of a community offering users free access to guru approved tips and links related to cats.
Details : FelineOnline

General information articles, breed and type overviews, advice, and feature articles.
Details : Cats Magazine
Cats Magazine

Current issue of the magazine and an index to past articles.
Details : A Cat Crazy Fanatic
A Cat Crazy Fanatic

E-group devoted to a passion for cats.
Details : Kittens for Sale
Kittens for Sale

Listing of kittens and cats for sale and a free breeders listing.
Details :

Fun cat oriented activities, links, backgrounds, psychic cat readings, and shopping links.
Details : CatStation

Articles on feline health and care, message board, links to breed descriptions and to feline related merchandise.
Details :

Information on cat care, health issues, housing, feeding, breeders' listings, professional cat advisor, articles, and books.
Details : About Cats
About Cats

Provides information regarding the anatomy of the cat, cat breeds, a cat's life history, choosing and caring for a cat, some diseases, the cat in history, cat family, general breed standards and some famous cats.
Details : AnswerSleuth's Special Focus on Cats
AnswerSleuth's Special Focus on Cats

Research pages on topics of special interest to cat lovers such as breeds, caring and myths.
Details :

Information about cats, their health, behavior, and nutrition. Also forums, news, polls and a cat shop.
Details :

Information on the feline care and well-being, cat-related issues, and ideas on how to entertain your cat. Meet the site mascots Pashu and Tisha.
Details : Catworld

The online edition of this U.K. cat lovers' magazine.
Details : CatsInfo

Breed profiles, feline facts, health and nutrition, bringing your new kitten home and cat forum.
Details :'s cat forums's cat forums

Several forums on feline health, care, behavior and more. Special forums for breeders and for cat rescue.
Details : Cat Fancy On-Line
Cat Fancy On-Line

Website for Cat Fancy magazine.
Details : Cat Toys from Trash by Tyler the Cat
Cat Toys from Trash by Tyler the Cat

How to recycle trash into toys. Also, cat toy ideas contributed by readers.
Details : Cats in Charge - a Feline View of the UK Cat Scene
Cats in Charge - a Feline View of the UK Cat Scene

An amusing and informative view of cats from the feline point of view. Articles, stories, competitions, listings of UK cat clubs and cat breeders.
Details : Cats of Australia
Cats of Australia

Health and care information, cat show listings, postcards, horoscope, message board, names, stories, vet information, breeders list, online catteries, links to clubs and organizations.
Details : Cats Forum Cats Forum

Ask questions, share your knowledge with others, discuss the glories and the agonies of being "owned" by a cat, and meet other cat aficianados.
Details : Allexperts Cat Care Q&A
Allexperts Cat Care Q&A

Volunteer feline experts answer your questions about cat care, and maintenance.
Details : Low Cost or Free Spay / Neuter Resources
Low Cost or Free Spay / Neuter Resources

A directory of low cost or free spay and neutering resources for cats.
Details : Moggies

Resource of information about cats, health, humor, products, artwork, welfare, and organizations.
Details : rec.pets.cats FAQs
rec.pets.cats FAQs

Pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about cats, in concise, useful form: health, behavior, care, feeding, solving common problems, etc.
Details : The Cat's Voice
The Cat's Voice

Information exchange for people who care about cats.
Details : Cats'n'Kittens

Humor, free graphics, postcards, general feline information.
Details : I Love
I Love

Free webspace, graphics, fun and games, software, namefinder, breed profile, and health care articles.
Details : Cat Fanciers
Cat Fanciers

Articles about and links to cat breeds, cat shows, cat care, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine.
Details : CatHobbyist

An independent online community of cat hobbyists, businesses, keepers, breeders, and organizations.
Details : Crazy for Kitties: Celebrating Felines
Crazy for Kitties: Celebrating Felines

Includes cat tails, feature articles, facts and fun, postcards and pictures. Features a cat of the week column.
Details : Our Cats Online
Our Cats Online

Cat news, reports, show results, and information.
Details : All About Cats
All About Cats

Contains cat sounds, animations, humor, games and puzzles, advice, names, photo gallery, links, stories and shopping.
Details : Pouncerstone Cat Care And Cat Stories
Pouncerstone Cat Care And Cat Stories

Provides information, reference sources and recommended books on general cat care, feline kidney disease and cat stories for pleasure reading. Includes stories of three cats named Pouncer, Taffy and Lucky.
Details : Cat-Clicker

E-mail discussion group for anyone interested in clicker training for cats.
Details :

A virtual community for cat lovers.
Details : AskAnOwner - Cats
AskAnOwner - Cats

You can also share your experience and advice others.
Details : Cat Adventures
Cat Adventures

Find products such as grooming tools, food, toys, health care, books, furniture, and litter. We have tips, photos, stories, contests, games to keep your cat happy and you amused.
Details : Furbabies Forever
Furbabies Forever

Information on cat care and safty,humor,names,grooming, recipes, breeder directory.
Details : Judith Berman's List of Feline WWW Sites
Judith Berman's List of Feline WWW Sites

A link site of worldwide cat-related websites.
Details :

Links to sites covering a variety of aspects of feline health and well being. Also includes emergency resources, lost and found, and toys and furniture.
Details : CatOwner.Com

Links to a variety of resources about cats including information on different cat breeds, newsgroups, health, supplies, poetry and humor.
Details : Kittens for Sale Directory UK
Kittens for Sale Directory UK

Extensive all breeds kittens for sale directory and free notice boards.
Details : Cat Cat Cat
Cat Cat Cat

Cat e-zine with feline information, book reviews, chat, healthcare, pictures, and more.
Details : Cool Cat Sites
Cool Cat Sites

Cat related links include gifts, breeders, breed and rescue information, educational sites, and feline care.
Details : Cats at Acme Pet
Cats at Acme Pet

A source of information for people interested in pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats. Information on cat care, feline welfare/rescue. Also offers chats, bulletin boards, and moderated discussions with feline professionals.
Details : KittySites.Com

Listings for breeders, services, rescue organizations.
Details : Familiars Fanciers Lists
Familiars Fanciers Lists

E-mail list for people who love their feline familiars.
Details : HDW's Bengal and All Cat Lovers' Chat Board
HDW's Bengal and All Cat Lovers' Chat Board

A very interactive Bulletin Board for all cat lovers to discuss feline behaviors, health, concerns, and joys with others.
Details : Kitty Caretakers Unite
Kitty Caretakers Unite

Message boards, live chat, photos,links for feline health and spay/neuter resources.
Details : PetsHub Cats
PetsHub Cats

Cats lovers community and forums
Details : SimplyPets: Cat Message Board
SimplyPets: Cat Message Board

For cat lovers to discuss any topics related to cats.
Details : Cat of the Day
Cat of the Day

Features a new story and photo daily on what makes our special friends wonderful.
Details : Paws On-Line
Paws On-Line

Behaviorial, caregiving and anatomical information; facts, fallicies and stories; photos.
Details : About.Com's Cats
About.Com's Cats

All you would ever want to know about cats and their people! Original features, links, pictures.
Details : Cleo'sWorld

All about the grey kitty from Montreal, Canada lots of photos and fun.
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