Clans and Guilds

Details : Slayers Guild
Slayers Guild

Featuring multiple guilds, rules, member lists, and message boards.
Details : Broom of Doom
Broom of Doom

Features member area, guestbook, message boards, and site news.
Details : Bomb.Net

Quake and Tribes clan.
Details : Eldar

Holds tournaments and is involved in gaming competitions. Plays Freespace 2 and Freelancer.
Details : Dirty Dozen Gaming Group
Dirty Dozen Gaming Group

Multi-player action game hub. System requirements, forums, contact information and links.
Details : Soldiers of Doom
Soldiers of Doom

Features member roster and message boards.
Details : MCDP

Clan that plays X-Wing Alliance, StarCraft and first person shooters.
Details : Order Of Evisceration
Order Of Evisceration

Multiple game clan features Half-Life, Counter Strike, Quake III Arena, and Dark Age of Camelot.
Details : Phoenix Gate
Phoenix Gate

Plays Planetarion, Star Craft, and Diablo 2.
Details : The [R] Clan
The [R] Clan

Plays StarCraft, WarCraft III, and HalfLife - Counter Strike.
Details : Real Clan MO
Real Clan MO

Clan information.
Details : Lambda Corps
Lambda Corps

Plays Half-Life and Age of Kings.
Details : Last Resort
Last Resort

Clan has flight simulation and Quake divisions.
Details : Leagecy of blood
Leagecy of blood

Features StarCraft and Counter Strike clan information.
Details : Little Army
Little Army

LA is a based clan that gives degrees for recruitment and sponsors tournaments.
Details : Alpha Force homepage
Alpha Force homepage

Plays Quake, Unreal Tournament, StarCraft, and Diablo.
Details : Bah Jen Task Force
Bah Jen Task Force

Plays Klingon Academy, Elite Force, SFC, Armada, Alien Vs. Predator, and Half-Life.
Details : Blue Monster Clan
Blue Monster Clan

Plays RA2, Jailbreak, and Q3A combat.
Details : ClanTools

Provides tools and resources for clan homepages.
Details : The Clashers
The Clashers

Plays StarCraft, Diablo 2, Rogue Spear and Age of Empires 2 - Internet Explorer only.
Details : CTB

A clan on ARC, a free multiplayer game.
Details : Death to All
Death to All

Features Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament clans.
Details : The Cabal
The Cabal

Plays CS, Diablo 2, and AoE.
Details : Canadian Rapid Response Team
Canadian Rapid Response Team

Plays Rogue Spear, Swat3, and TF2.
Details : The Clan Phoenix
The Clan Phoenix

Plays Mech Warrior 2 and Anarchy Online.
Details : Clan Vortex
Clan Vortex

Features Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and Day of Defeat clans.
Details : Empire Gaming
Empire Gaming

Plays Empire Earth, Age of Mythology, Warcraft 3, and Age of Empires.
Details : Scorpion Pirate Fleet
Scorpion Pirate Fleet

Plays X-Wing Allaince and Jedi Knight.
Details : Start4all Clan Page
Start4all Clan Page

This is the clan page of, the global virtual internet site.
Details : The Jaeden Army HQ
The Jaeden Army HQ

Playing Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, and Diablo.
Details : The Space Dragons
The Space Dragons

Plays Starcraft, Diablo, and Half-Life.
Details : Southern Cross
Southern Cross

Australian based guild playing Anarchy Online, Diablo II, and Star Wars Galaxies. Contains history, forum, ladders, member profiles, and Star Wars Galaxies game information.
Details : TNT Shaker Club
TNT Shaker Club

Plays Descent 2 and Tribes.
Details : Team BattleZone
Team BattleZone

BattleZone and Tribes guild featuring downloads, member roster, and membership details.
Details : Winter Killers Clan Web Ring
Winter Killers Clan Web Ring

A ring of multiplayer clans.
Details : Wolfs Dragoons MPBT Regiment
Wolfs Dragoons MPBT Regiment

Multiplayer Battletech 3025 and Dark Age of Camelot group. Features member roster, archives, screenshots, message boards, and join details.
Details : Team International Gamers Alliance
Team International Gamers Alliance

Multiple game clan featuring tips and tricks, game tweaks, downloads, and message boards.
Details : The_Kings

Plays Starcraft, AoE, and Diablo 2.
Details : United States Virtual Navy
United States Virtual Navy

Plays Rogue Spear, F/A-18, and Fighters Anthology.
Details : Freaks From Within
Freaks From Within

Plays Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, NoX, Starcraft, Myth 2, Tribes 2, and Unreal.
Details : GamerClans

Features message boards, chat rooms, downloads, news, events, reviews and previews.
Details : Hell Hounds
Hell Hounds

Diablo and Age of Kings clan.
Details : Gods of War
Gods of War

The Gods of War arose as a multiplayer gaming guild who were forced to address the issues of security and privacy in the days of its infancy. We strive to protect the right to think.
Details : Gamersguild.Net

Guild offers forums and news. Games played include Diablo, StarCraft, Counter-Strike, and Asheron's Call.
Details : Global Clan Directory
Global Clan Directory

Gaming clan directory.
Details : GuildPortal

Directory of guilds. Registration required.
Details : Graystone Dragons Clan
Graystone Dragons Clan

Plays the Diablo series, Motorcross Madness, Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Worms Armageddon, and Warcraft 2.
Details : Guardians of the Force
Guardians of the Force

X-wing Alliance and Jedi Knight clan.
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