Developers & Publishers

Details : KAiNAi Entertainment
KAiNAi Entertainment

Currently developing games based on Myrun technology.
Details : Iron Lore Entertainment
Iron Lore Entertainment

Development company founded by Brian Sullivan and Paul Chieffo.
Details : Soft Enterprises
Soft Enterprises

Developer of PC games such as Battle Race and Project Paradise.
Details : Audiogenic Software Ltd.
Audiogenic Software Ltd.

Creators of Brian Lara and Shane Warne Cricket video games.
Details : Red Lemon Studios
Red Lemon Studios

Developers of Braveheart, Aironauts, Farscape and Roswell. Company news and game projects.
Details : Hexacto Games Inc.
Hexacto Games Inc.

Contains news, support, and product information.
Details : Malfador Machinations
Malfador Machinations

Creators of Space Empires I - IV, an epic space strategy game.
Details : Massive Entertainment
Massive Entertainment

Develops interactive games for PCs and mobile communication devices.
Details : Mastertronic 199 Range
Mastertronic 199 Range

Reference for Mastertronics budget games.
Details : Paradox Entertainment
Paradox Entertainment

Contains company information and game demo downloads.
Details : Softgame

Developer of PC card games such as poker and solitaire.
Details : moderngroove

Offers production and delivery of interactive entertainment for next-generation videogame consoles and personal computers. Developer of Ministry of Sound for Playstation 2.
Details : Monkey JAVA Studio
Monkey JAVA Studio

Multimedia design studio serving video game developers. Character design, concept art, storyboarding, game art and animation.
Details : Morphonix

A multimedia software company with a focus on children.
Details : Soft-iK

Develops Windows CE games such as Larva Run.
Details : Thalion Software Webshrine
Thalion Software Webshrine

Tribute to the 16 bit games software house. Includes news and product information.
Details : L4 Software
L4 Software

Contract programming company that develops programs for the PC and console platforms Projects include WalZ, Breakout 2000, Speedster II, and Sky Copter II.
Details : Legacy Interactive
Legacy Interactive

Developer of Code Blue and Emergency Room.
Details : Silmarils

Developers of Deus and StarBlade.
Details : Mucky Foot Productions
Mucky Foot Productions

Developers of Urban Chaos.
Details : Myopic Rhino Studios
Myopic Rhino Studios

An independent game developer creating free and shareware Windows games. Site offers game information and downloads.
Details : Netdevil

Developers of the Jumpgate MMORPG.
Details : Kalisto Entertainment
Kalisto Entertainment

[Win/Mac/Amiga/Sega/Sony/Nintendo] (France) [Requires frames.]
Details : Kuju Entertainment Ltd
Kuju Entertainment Ltd

One of the largest independent games developers in Europe.
Details : Time Travel Games
Time Travel Games

Develops statistical sports games for the Windows platform. Site includes information on titles such as Time Travel Soccer and Time Travel Boxing.
Details : Wide Games
Wide Games

A Brighton based development studio for console, PC and internet games.
Details : Black Dragon Productions
Black Dragon Productions

Producer of adult computer games including Riana Rouge.
Details : Lucky Chicken
Lucky Chicken

Developer of Battle Tanx and Tyco RC Assault with a Battery.
Details : Lucky Rabbit Games
Lucky Rabbit Games

Develops freeware games.
Details : Made By Kiddies, Inc.
Made By Kiddies, Inc.

Acquires, finances, develops and publishes compelling massive multiplayer games for PC, console, wireless and handhelds.
Details : Fuel Games
Fuel Games

Developer of multi-platform 3D video games [Linux/Windows/Console].
Details : Mediamond

Developer of Deluxe Ski Jump.
Details : Mekada

Developer of value-priced video games. The makers of "Snap-on Gearhead Garage".
Details : Meldstar Studios
Meldstar Studios

Small development studio, focusing on cyberpunk and comedy based games. Contains news and message board.
Details : Merrymeeting Games
Merrymeeting Games

Developer of the SURGE: RPG system
Details : Twilight Games
Twilight Games

independent game development company located in Montreal Canada. Site includes information about the company and their first game, Aargon.
Details : OmletteSoft, Home Of Omlette
OmletteSoft, Home Of Omlette

Lord Omlette's personal homepage.
Details : Particle Systems
Particle Systems

Developer of Independence War, and I-War.
Details : Inmar Software
Inmar Software

Developers of the DieselEngine game engine.
Details : Housemarque

Developers of Super Stardust, Elfmania, Alien Incident, and The Reap.
Details : Kaliko

Develops games for various platforms including AmigaDE, Amiga, Windows, Mac and Linux. Contains company information.
Details : Innovatus

Developers of MazeBots and PICBots.
Details : Smarterville

Developer of educational software for kids 3-7. Offers game information and downloads.
Details : Unique Development Studios (UDS)
Unique Development Studios (UDS)

UDS is an interactive entertainment developer based in Norrköping, Sweden, to make top-notch computer games for Windows 95 and the console market.
Details : Twilight Software
Twilight Software

Developer of S----- Mystery and Millennium Adventure.
Details : Tandem Studios
Tandem Studios

Tandem Studios is a programming business in Australia which makes a variety of games and programs.
Details : TARGET33

Develops arcade games for the PC.
Details : TCB Entertainment
TCB Entertainment

Challenging graphical adventure games for children and adults. Games feature enigmas and problem solving. Free game downloads and games on CD-ROM.
Details : Trinomial Gaming Zone
Trinomial Gaming Zone

Developer of the Philosopher Pet series.
Details : Treyarch

A multi-platform software developer with a focus on action and action-sports games. Contains company and game information.
Details : TrueVision3D

Developer of 3D game engines. Offers screenshots, downloads, and forums.
Details : SoftSpot Software
SoftSpot Software

Developer of intellectual word games and puzzles. Titles include Letter Rack and What's Up.
Details : Spectrum Pacific Publishing
Spectrum Pacific Publishing

Publisher of Case Closed.
Details : Speeding Bullet Design
Speeding Bullet Design

Developer of PC Games such as Recall and Escape! 3D.
Details : Soleau Software
Soleau Software

Developer of family friendly non-violent strategy logic games for both Windows and Macintosh computers.
Details : Stardust Entertainment
Stardust Entertainment

Creators of platformer Myth of the Moon Stone.
Details : Strategic Studies Group
Strategic Studies Group

Developers of Total War, Warlords II for the Mac, Ardennes Offence and Warlords II and III for the PC. [PC/Mac]
Details : Studio 3 Interactive
Studio 3 Interactive

Computer and video game publishers.
Details : Xicat Interactive, Inc.
Xicat Interactive, Inc.

Console and PC developer whose games include Coaster Works and Guns -n- Ammo II.
Details : World of PlayStation
World of PlayStation

Sony Computer Entertainment America distributes and markets the PlayStation game console in North America, develops and publishes software for the PlayStation game console, and manages the U.S. third party licensing program.
Details : Level-5 Inc
Level-5 Inc

Developers of Dark Chronicle, Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. Includes company information, games and links.
Details : Liquid Edge Games
Liquid Edge Games

Developers of a robot game.
Details : Lizard Soft Programming
Lizard Soft Programming

Developer of Turkey Shoot and FaxMachine.
Details : NTN Communications
NTN Communications

Publishers of QB1, and trivia games.
Details : Rage Software PLC
Rage Software PLC

UK-based computer games developer and publisher with strategy, simulation, football and racing titles for online, PC, Playstation, and Dreamcast gaming platforms.
Details : New Breed Software
New Breed Software

Publishes free software for UNIX, X-Window, the World Wide Web, and Atari 8-bit computers. Located in Davis, California.
Details : New Pencil, Inc.
New Pencil, Inc.

A video game content creation studio in Sausalito, CA.
Details : Nikita Company
Nikita Company

Developers of Iron Strategy.
Details : n-Space, Inc.
n-Space, Inc.

Developer of Danger Girl, Die Hard Trilogy 2, and the PSX Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.
Details : QSoft

Developer of Kondor and Kondor 2 Tournament. Contains developer information and programming tutorials.
Details : Neuron Entertainment, Inc.
Neuron Entertainment, Inc.

Developers of Mind Shift, and Hammer Pixie.
Details : Neutron Star Productions
Neutron Star Productions

Make 1st person shooters for Windows 95/98, and levels for Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith.
Details : RadiX Studios
RadiX Studios

Freeware games developer of Demons of War and Push Up.
Details : Raptor Entertainment
Raptor Entertainment

Developers of "Rough Terrain".
Details : Ratloop

Ratloop is a developer for the PC. Site includes sample art, job opportunities, and company information.
Details : O3 Games AB
O3 Games AB

A Swedish game company currently developing a real-time strategy game called 'The Outforce'.
Details : Optical Realities
Optical Realities

Developers of games such as Puz.
Details : Paranoid Productions
Paranoid Productions

Developers of Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis and Damage Incorporated.
Details : Pipeworks Software, Inc.
Pipeworks Software, Inc.

The first 3rd Party X-Box developer. Creator of the Ping Pong and butterfly demos.
Details : Pitbull

Developers of Demolition Racer and Test Drive 4-6.
Details : Ongame e-solutions
Ongame e-solutions

Developer of online poker games, using Java technology.
Details : On-Line Entertainment
On-Line Entertainment

Publishers of Automayhem, Art of Kings, and Iron Wolves.
Details : The Other Guys (TOG)
The Other Guys (TOG)

Game developers located in Härnösand, in the northern part of Sweden. T.O.G. consists of computer enthusiasts with long experience in the software industry.
Details : Ominous Development
Ominous Development

Developer of Onyx Star.
Details : Paragon 5
Paragon 5

Developers of Trouballs.
Details : Outsource Media
Outsource Media

Offers computer games voice production in the UK, US. Services include casting, recording, post production, game developer services, and support.
Details : PictureHouse Software
PictureHouse Software

Developer of PlayStation games.
Details : Palestar Development
Palestar Development

[PC] Developers of Deep Space, and the Medusa engine, a C++ library used for game development.
Details : Pixelbrothers

Developers of Pengball and Donut Dash.
Details : PeanutCo Software
PeanutCo Software

A new software company specializing in the development of exciting new 3D games.
Details : Phantom EFX
Phantom EFX

Developers of Reel Deal Slots and Video Poker.
Details : Pimpernel Online Games
Pimpernel Online Games

Developers of online Java games.
Details : Oquirrh Productions
Oquirrh Productions

Developers of hunting, shooting and conservation games.
Details : Slitherine Software
Slitherine Software

Creators of Tyrannosaurus Tex for the Game Boy Color.
Details : Small Rockets
Small Rockets

Developer of downloadable PC games such as Masters of the Sky: The Red Ace, Tower of the Ancients, and Jetboat Superchamps.
Details : Smartdog

Developer of console games such as Breakpoint, Tennis Arena, and 360.
Details : Redline Games
Redline Games

Developer of Third World.
Details : Retro Studios
Retro Studios

Austin, TX based video game developer for the Nintendo Gamecube.
Details : Retrospec

Makes 8-bit remakes and original games with a retro theme and feel. Contains news, FAQ, forum, and game downloads.
Details : Retrospiral

Xbox game developer and record label in Lafayette, IN.
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