Details : Dogs India
Dogs India

About dogs, breeds - especially native Indian breeds - , animal welfare organizations, dog health, and puppy care. Classified ads for breeders, boarding kennels and other dog related businesses.
Details : Dogs Worldwide
Dogs Worldwide

Online magazine is a source of information and a marketplace for the canine world.
Details : Dogstop

Regular dog chat sessions, a health forum, dog show information and more for dog breeders and lovers.
Details : K9web Dog Discussion Email Lists
K9web Dog Discussion Email Lists

Extensive collection of dog discussion email lists, sorted by breeds and dog sports, from the famous rec.pets.dogs FAQ.
Details : Oz Agility Judges List
Oz Agility Judges List

Email list for agility judges.
Details : Dogs from
Dogs from

Find out the latest in training, grooming, breeding, feeding, and just about every other aspect of owning and loving a pooch.
Details : Dog Search Engine Dog Search Engine

Search engine and directory for dog breeders and vendors. Get listed free.
Details : Crazy for Dogs
Crazy for Dogs

Articles, postcards, games, photos, a dog of the week -- all for celebrating your dog.
Details : Ooowoo Racing Kennels
Ooowoo Racing Kennels

Offers information on various dog breeds including racing dogs, pictures, FAQs, and links.
Details : Professional Dog Networks
Professional Dog Networks

Offering a breeders', handlers', and health network.
Details : Puppy Chow
Puppy Chow

Puppy nutrition information, a breed guide, and training tips.
Details : K9community Discussion Forums
K9community Discussion Forums

General discussion and breed specific forums. Coursing and live chat forums.
Details : Puppyfinder

Puppy breed selector, puppy advice, and tips. Breeder directory and current dog news.
Details : Dog-O-Mania

Directory with over a thousand categories and twenty thousand links.
Details : Barking Buddies Web Ring
Barking Buddies Web Ring

Index of pet dog web sites, connected through this ring.
Details : Discover Dogs
Discover Dogs

Exhibition in London, organised by The Kennel Club. Information about the exhibition, as well as about the choice, care and training of every breed of dog.
Details : Dogz One
Dogz One

Your first stop for dogs on the 'net.
Details : The K9web
The K9web

Featuring directories for dog lovers, this site is home to the rec.pets.dogs FAQs.
Details : All-Star's! APBT & AST Webring
All-Star's! APBT & AST Webring

This is a webring of sites dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier
Details : CanItalia

Focus on dogs in Italy, with events calendar, breeders list, clubs. In Italian and English.
Details : Dog Daycare Email List
Dog Daycare Email List

For those who own doggy daycare services or are considering opening one to network ideas.
Details : FAQ from rec.pets.dogs
FAQ from rec.pets.dogs

Rec.pets.dogs (the Usenet group) offers frequently asked questions (FAQ) to answer general questions about dogs. These are the most up-to-date master copies.
Details : Dog FAQ

Collection of usenet FAQs, including dog behavior, training, and supplies.
Details : Puppy Sites
Puppy Sites

Comprehensive resource featuring breeders, rescues, products, clubs, and veterinary links.
Details : K9 Index
K9 Index

The Dog Directory to adopt a dog, research canine ailments, arrange daycare, buy accessories or enjoy canine homepages.
Details : WorkingDogWeb

Links in 8 global guides on dog training, sports, breeds, care, health, clubs, news, kids and dogs, and sled dogs.
Details : Worldwide Dog Library
Worldwide Dog Library

Worldwide dog information source, from OIC.
Details : SiriusDog

Informative articles for the performance dog enthusiast.
Details : Dogs Central
Dogs Central

Online guide for dog lovers including dog breeds guide, dog care, dog training, dog clubs and a dog bookstore.
Details : K9 E-Mail Lists, News Groups and Bulletin Boards
K9 E-Mail Lists, News Groups and Bulletin Boards

Listed by breed and canine sport.
Details : All About Dogs
All About Dogs

Categorized links to sites about dogs. A separate section for kids' sites. Free-for-All links page, and a message board.
Details :

Gateway to web sites including DogSaver Screen Saver, i-dog discussion group, doginfo search engine, dogstore shopping, and DogMail free e-mail.
Details : Digital Dog
Digital Dog

Information about breeds, adopting a dog, understanding behavior, and stories.
Details : Dog Club UK
Dog Club UK

A directory of all known dog related sites in the UK.
Details : Der Hund - The Dog - Le Chien
Der Hund - The Dog - Le Chien

A magazine, photo galleries, breed information, breeder ads and a searchable database of dog related sites.
Details : Dog Information and Facts
Dog Information and Facts

Facts on dogs, breeds, anatomy, life span, diseases and history.
Details : AKC Judges-Only Chat
AKC Judges-Only Chat

Password-protected chat rooms for judges only, plus education articles.
Details : SimplyPets Dog Forum
SimplyPets Dog Forum

A forum for discussing all of your dog questions. SimplyPets also features pet food reciped, quotes, a pet directory and news.
Details : Ringside Chatter: All-Breed Chat
Ringside Chatter: All-Breed Chat

Show Dog Super Sites offers a chat room hosted on our own server, free from commercial advertising, offering a more enjoyable chat environment.
Details : Virtual Dog Show
Virtual Dog Show

The Virtual Dog Show is open to any dog of any breed, and features specialty matches judged by dog experts, with sponsor-donated prizes.
Details : Do You Look Like Your Dog?
Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Enter this photo contest and you might end up in a book by the same name. Or just browse through the entries and see dozens of pictures of dogs and their people.
Details : Dog Owner's Guide
Dog Owner's Guide

Looking for a dog owner's guide? Guide for all breeds of dogs, health and training information, with bookstore and mall.
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