Details : Ruka

Skiing resort in Finnish Lapland. Slope, track and price information along with nearby restaurants and accommodations.
Details : Santa Claus' Office
Santa Claus' Office

The history of Santa and how he ended up living in Finland. Picture gallery and his own Fan Club.
Details : Snowfinland

Overview of the main skiing resorts with tables of their slopes, trails and services and details about traveling to the localities.
Details : The Travel Experience
The Travel Experience

Tailored tours and hotel reservations for individuals and groups.
Details : Travel in Finland
Travel in Finland

Travel guide with links to accommodation, adventure, culture, activities and events.
Details : Lutetia Travel
Lutetia Travel

Travel to Finland, airline tickets, consolidator airfares to Helsinki.
Details : Nomads'Land Gallery - Nature Photography  FINLAND
Nomads'Land Gallery - Nature Photography FINLAND

A photo gallery of some finnish landscapes.
Details : Finfothek: Regions and Towns
Finfothek: Regions and Towns

Information about Karelia, Helsinki, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Tampere, Wyborg, Suomenlinna, Petsamo, Kemijärvi, Seinäjoki, Rovaniemi, Turku, education, history, sightseeing, nature and environment.
Details : Finnish Tourist Board
Finnish Tourist Board

An Online Tourist Guide with lot of up to date information on Finland as a travel destination such as hotels, events and transportations. Tourism statistics.
Details :

Links to municipalities along Highway 8.
Details : Finland Travel Club
Finland Travel Club

Web community with tips and recommendations for travellers.
Details : Finland Travel Marketing
Finland Travel Marketing

Incoming agency for Finland and neighboring countries. Links to spas, hotels, a picture-bank. With a short introduction to Finland.
Details : Finnish Pumpkin
Finnish Pumpkin

Pictures and information of castles, churches, fortresses, manors...Also many other information about Finland.
Details : Hovimäki Camping Site
Hovimäki Camping Site

Maps, photos and details about a south-western camping site.
Details : The King's Road
The King's Road

A historical road from Turku to the Russian border. History, map and travel services.
Details : The Archipelago of Finland -  Turun Saaristo
The Archipelago of Finland - Turun Saaristo

Internet guide to the archipelago, including a picture gallery. Leads to services and events.
Details : EuroCompass Finland Guide
EuroCompass Finland Guide

Clickable travel map with direct links to hotels and other accommodation, culture and things to do.
Details : All Travel Finland
All Travel Finland

Offers hotel booking and car rental. Also features currency converter, destination guides, and route-mapper.
Details : Odyssey

Photos and memories from Turku, Jurmo, Helsinki and Lapland.
Details : Pictures from Finland
Pictures from Finland

Fotos of different locations.
Details : Scandinavian Travel Portal Scandinavian Travel Portal

Traveling portal to Scandinavia covering many destinations in the area. Informs about spas, program services, accommodation and activities and links to online booking systems.
Details : Finland - Lapland Wild and Free
Finland - Lapland Wild and Free

Travel information with hotels, safari and fishing tours. With a link to the Santa Claus office.
Details : Finland Experience Travel and Guiding
Finland Experience Travel and Guiding

Company offering customized trips and specialized guiding.
Details : Finland Travel
Finland Travel

Travel information about camping, hiking, cycling, diving, skiing, hotels, hostels and hints.
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