Fish and Aquaria

Details : Diskus Brief, International
Diskus Brief, International

a quarterly full-color magazine with articles written by Discus experts around the world
Details : Fish Forums
Fish Forums

Discussion of general topics.
Details : The Cichlid Forums
The Cichlid Forums

Discussion community for cichlid enthusiasts.
Details : Fishes R Us
Fishes R Us

An all-topics bulletin board plus galleries and beginner information.
Details : Saltwaterfish

Web bulletin board for discussion of marine aquaria.
Details : Cowfish, Puffers
Cowfish, Puffers

E-mail list devoted to Tetraodontiformes: cowfish, boxfish, puffers, triggers, filefish, and related species.
Details : UniQuaria

Moderated high-volume all-species freshwater e-mail list.
Details : Aqualog Book Series
Aqualog Book Series

Online source for Aqualog and other aquarium related publications
Details : My Fish Box
My Fish Box

Community and resource center for aquaria hobbyists.
Details : Practical Fishkeeping Magazine
Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

Monthly publication with information on fishkeeping, marine, freshwater and ponds. Question and answer section.
Details : Aquaria Central
Aquaria Central

Extensive source for aquarium information.
Details : Aquatic Realm
Aquatic Realm

Forums, articles, and a guide to local fish shops.
Details : Aquatics Review
Aquatics Review

Centers on reviews of local petshops including listings of fish sold and knowledge of staff. Also contains a listing of clubs and general fishkeeping pointers.
Details : AquaWeb Fish Resources
AquaWeb Fish Resources

News, photos, forums and a large link list.
Details : Information and Advice About Fish
Information and Advice About Fish

How to care for fish and aquariums, with setup, care, and handling instructions.
Details : Fish Geeks
Fish Geeks

Information on freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums, and ponds. Formerly the Just Aquaria Web Site.
Details : Amazing Stingrays
Amazing Stingrays

An e-mail list devoted to stingrays including their maintenance in home aquaria.
Details : Fish 'N' Chips
Fish 'N' Chips

Monthly marine newsletter and images of member's tanks.
Details : Do-It-Yourself Guide to Aquatics
Do-It-Yourself Guide to Aquatics

Construction of wet-dry filters, hoods, stands, and protein skimmers, from The Krib.
Details : Ocean Pro
Ocean Pro

Discussion Board for fellow aquarists to share information.
Details : eFishTank

An online aquarium maintenance program to help aquarists monitor their aquariums. Graph water parameters, enter livestock and equipment info, receive email reminders.
Details : Fish Enthusiast
Fish Enthusiast

Basic articles, forums, and some species profiles.
Details : Fish Link Central
Fish Link Central

Links directory to sites about fish.
Details : Jim & Dianne's Home on the Web
Jim & Dianne's Home on the Web

Converting computers (macs and an Apple Lisa!) into aquaria.
Details : Allexperts Fish Care
Allexperts Fish Care

Volunteers answer your questions about caring for freshwater and saltwater fish and operating an aquarium. FAQs and a message board.
Details : Fish Information Service
Fish Information Service

Archive of information covering both freshwater and marine aquariums.
Details : My Inland Ocean
My Inland Ocean

An engine which searches many aquarium-related websites.
Details :

Product reviews, species profiles, and a bulletin board.
Details : Star dot Aquaria FAQ
Star dot Aquaria FAQ

FAQ assembled by posters on rec, alt, and net.aquaria.
Details : Tropical Fish Digest
Tropical Fish Digest

E-Magazine with "how-to" articles on a variety of aquarium-related subjects.
Details : Yahoo! Groups: Saltwater Fish Tanks
Yahoo! Groups: Saltwater Fish Tanks

Advice and discussion of the keeping of all saltwater fish both on-list and in chatrooms.
Details : Aquarium Fish Magazine
Aquarium Fish Magazine

Information on fishkeeping, aquarium management and ponds, and contact information related to the magazine.
Details : Cichlid News Magazine
Cichlid News Magazine

U.S. Magazine. Website includes online articles, back issues, and subscription information.
Details : AquaLink

Articles, bulletin boards, a trading board, and a diagnosis system for common diseases.
Details : The Burkharts' Fishy Home Page
The Burkharts' Fishy Home Page

Excerpts from the book "Keeping Murphy Out of Your Aquarium", by the site's author. Tips on the care of freshwater fish.
Details : Kraken

Miscellaneous articles, some reprinted from club periodicals, and website reviews.
Details :

Contains bulletin boards and chat organized by topic, a few articles on keeping various fish and invertebrate species, FAQs, and product reviews.
Details : MEL:  Fish and Aquariums
MEL: Fish and Aquariums

Information on breeding, pet fish, care and feeding. Pictures and online publications helping the beginner to the expert.
Details : Aquarium Advice
Aquarium Advice

Forums dedicated to a variety of topics.
Details : Aquarium Frontiers
Aquarium Frontiers

A regularly updated webzine with articles about a variety of aquarium topics.
Details : Fish Posters of the World
Fish Posters of the World

Extremely comprehensive index of fish posters by a collector, including a photograph of each one.
Details : Modern Coral Reef Aquarium
Modern Coral Reef Aquarium

Website of this extensive work-in-progress about reefkeeping, including ordering information.
Details : Nishkigoi International
Nishkigoi International

Most of the content of their Koi magazine is also available here, online.
Details : AquaBoards

Online classified ads for hobbyists.
Details : TFH Books
TFH Books

Contains information and several sample articles from Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine as well as an online store for purchase of their books.
Details :

Free online auctions of livestock and supplies by and for hobbyists.
Details : Fish Care Forum
Fish Care Forum

Forum for everyone from the beginner to the novice aquarist to talk about fish care.
Details : AquariumHobbyist

Forums and links.
Details : AquaChat

Chat on many aquarist topics. They have scheduled and unscheduled chats to choose from.
Details : Auspet

Australia based discussion board for fish and aquariums.
Details : Koi-Bito Magazine
Koi-Bito Magazine

English language magazine published from Japan exclusively about high-quality nishikigoi offering direct interviews with breeders, color photos, and features on various aspects of the hobby. Online subscription form.
Details : Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine

FAMA's site, including contact and subscription information, some free articles, and online content for subscribers.
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