Freeware Games

Details : NStorm

Several games such as 'Frogapult' and 'Elf Bowling' available for Windows or Macintosh.
Details : NZP Puzzles and Games
NZP Puzzles and Games

A set of puzzles and solitaire for Windows including 'Robot Puzzle', 'Pigs Dice Game', and 'Four Corners'.
Details : NephewSoft

Original Windows games such as 'Tut's Gambit', 'Detention Tic Tac Toe', and 'Politics'.
Details :

Developers of Windows playables such as 'Hangman', 'Space Game', and 'Slot Machines'.
Details : Eras Software
Eras Software

Video game development group with titles such as 'iD2' and 'La Guerra del Tiro Parabólico'.
Details : Evilchog's Lair of Evil
Evilchog's Lair of Evil

A small selection of user made games for Windows. Includes helpful tutorials.
Details : Badoona Productions
Badoona Productions

Developers of Windows games such as 'Alex Kidd', 'Double Dragon', 'Gamecubed', and 'Royal Beating'.
Details : Bumble

Several Windows games including a Go version called '5 in a Row Tic-Tac-Toe', and 'Draw Poker'.
Details : BVE World
BVE World

Detailed info and links about train routes and subway lines written from around the World for BVE.
Details : ADER Software
ADER Software

Originals for Windows such as 'Glizda', 'Pac-Horror', and ' Kill The Barney'.
Details : Artsoft Entertainment
Artsoft Entertainment

Games such as 'Rocks'n'Diamonds', 'MirrorMagic', and 'affenspiel' for DOS or UNIX.
Details : Astral Entertainment
Astral Entertainment

A dozen original windows games including 'Annihilator', 'Demolition Derby' and 'Fruit Picker'.
Details : Fractal Games
Fractal Games

Open Source titles such as 'BlastPong', 'Extreme Nibbles', 'Matrix', 'NMGRFX', 'Plinky', and 'Tic-Tac-Toe' for Windows by Nick Meyer.
Details : Frank and Gini's Freewares
Frank and Gini's Freewares

A small selection of original games for Windows.
Details : Free Lunch Design
Free Lunch Design

DOS downloads of the 2D-shooter 'Operation Spacehog' and the cute platformer 'Happyland Adventures'.
Details : Freeware Games
Freeware Games

Puzzle, strategy, and word games for Windows. Enjoy 'Hierophant', 'Sean's Magic Slate', and 'Pic-Tac-Toe'.
Details : Synthetic Reality
Synthetic Reality

Originals for Windows such as 'Well of Souls', 'Warpath', and 'Arcadia'.
Details : Torpedo Software
Torpedo Software

Challenging arcade style geography and history games for Windows or Macintosh.
Details : WildTangent

Over a dozen originals for Windows that can be downloaded or played in your web browser with the appropriate plug-in.
Details : Graphitx

Several original Windows games such as 'LudoRace', 'Alien Kick', 'Canopia', 'Freeride Earth', and 'Wolf'.
Details : Hardcore Processing
Hardcore Processing

Developers for Windows and Linux with titles such as 'Leaf Invaders', 'The Unlimited Game', and 'Billy the Kid'.
Details : Illisoft PC games
Illisoft PC games

Developer of games for DOS, Windows, and Java with titles such as 'Zokkelo', 'Tetris', and 'Yatzy'.
Details : Jesse's Forum
Jesse's Forum

Several DOS games with titles such as 'Pango', 'Galatic', 'Hunted', and 'Robot Mine Field'.
Details : KDE Games Center
KDE Games Center

Linux games and game development for the K Desktop Environment.
Details : Out of My Mind
Out of My Mind

Quite a few original Windows games including 'Snakin', 'Viktris', and 'Norn'.
Details : PalmBoy

A gameboy emulator for PalmOS. (Open Source, GPL)
Details : PLBM Games Text-Only
PLBM Games Text-Only

Text mode games for DOS that are remakes of other popular arcade games. Included are 'Text Missile Command', 'Helico-Copter Strike', 'Logger', 'Sea Dragon', 'Super Stupid Space Invaders' and 'Text Bomber'.
Details : Robsoft

Adaptations of classic Zx Spectrum games for the Windows. Titles include 'Subscan', 'River Attack', 'BRTetris', and 'Command Raid'.
Details : SKV Productions
SKV Productions

Authors of 'Terrorist' for Windows (with Java) as well as some add-ons for Doom.
Details : Spoonbill Software
Spoonbill Software

Original card games, logic games, and board games for Windows.
Details : Steve's OpenGL Programs
Steve's OpenGL Programs

Several 3D games and screen savers including 'Pong Mania', and 'Bouncing Lights'.
Details : Studio Blum
Studio Blum

Original Windows games such as 'MemGame', 'Letris', 'Cult', and 'Nuclear Deterrence'.
Details : Kewlbox

Several orignals for Windows or Macintosh such as 'Santa Balls', 'Sketchy!', and 'Braving the Elements', that can be downloaded, played online, or added to your website.
Details : Lasala's Free Games
Lasala's Free Games

Several Windows games that can be played over the internet and include chat with other players. Titles include 'Monster Pile', 'Push-Push', and 'Bobble Bins'.
Details : Locatha

Originals 'Monsters and Mayhem', 'Toag', 'Othello', and 'Joust' for Windows.
Details : Mike's Free Ware
Mike's Free Ware

Developer of Windows games with titles such as 'Vegas Video Keno', 'Wheel of Mis-Fortune', and 'Four Card Keno'.
Details : Xena Games
Xena Games

A collection of games that feature Xena from the TV series. Includes 'Xena Breakout', and 'Joxer Invaders'.
Details : Cheeseware Home Page
Cheeseware Home Page

Macintosh games 'Severed Ed', and 'Nerve'.
Details : Chompster Productions
Chompster Productions

Developers with blitz basic downloads of 'The Square Game', 'Ripcord', 'Intruder Alert', and a number of visual pinball tables.
Details : Chris Jang
Chris Jang

Linux games such as 'Kombatant', a side scroller network fighting game, and 'Aegis', an ode to Atari vector coin-ops.
Details : DM Games
DM Games

'Ball Click', 'Ghost Catch', 'X-Wing Warrior' and 'Lildude's Legacy' made with Game Maker for Windows.
Details : Dodgyposse

Developers of several Windows games such as 'Terra-Probe', 'Nandroids', 'Mini Rally', and 'LiveWire'.
Details : Dr. Goo
Dr. Goo

Originals for Windows such as 'Dr. Goo', 'Astroship Evader', and 'Super Rebound'.
Details : DuckDiver

Original Windows games and screensavers.
Details : Crystal Interactive
Crystal Interactive

Several Windows titles such as 'Atoll', 'Pac 3D', 'Dive', and 'Galaxy Blasters'.
Details : Daily Classifieds Free Games
Daily Classifieds Free Games

A few Java games to download or play in your web browser. Titles include 'Big Gun', 'Sky Defender', 'Color Balls', and 'Bricks & Ball'.
Details : Dariusz Zamlynski
Dariusz Zamlynski

Original Windows games such as 'Blue Bird', 'Hungry Yogi', and 'Hunt for Stars'.
Details : Deaddybear

Originals such as 'Tanks 3D', 'Naval Warfare 3D', and '15 (Fifteen)' for Windows.
Details : DLS Productions
DLS Productions

Game developers with DOS titles such as 'Buggers' and 'Void'.
Details : Adept Software
Adept Software

Classic DOS games such as 'Jetpack', 'Squarez Deluxe', and 'God of Thunder'.
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