Details : Zappie

AS/400 software, tutorials, and articles.
Details : Focus on Java
Focus on Java

Resources from Features links, FAQs, tutorials, and articles.
Details : Forte for Java Developer Resources
Forte for Java Developer Resources

Offers technical articles, community forums, support, training, bug tracking, early access program, downloads, and documentation.
Details :

Directory of applets, tutorials, references, and articles.
Details : IBM Java developerWorks
IBM Java developerWorks

Tutorials, regular articles on best coding practice, news, and free software.
Details : iSavvix Java Community
iSavvix Java Community

Provides published articles, seminars, and resources for developers and technical managers.
Details : HotDispatch

Marketplace for technical support. Answers from a community of experts.
Details : Java Optimization Resources
Java Optimization Resources

Benchmarking articles, books, and links.
Details : A Java Information Portal
A Java Information Portal

Directory of websites, articles, tutorials, dicussion boards and newsgroups.
Details : Java BluePrints
Java BluePrints

Collection of guidelines, patterns, and reusable code for end-to-end applications.
Details : Bug Parade
Bug Parade

Find bugs in Sun's reference implementations.
Details : Cetus Links
Cetus Links

Collection of links to articles, tutorials, and FAQs.
Details : Compaq Java Technology Center
Compaq Java Technology Center

Documentation and downloads for Compaq Alpha systems.
Details : Cookie Nest
Cookie Nest

Java resource site of source code, tutorials, articles and forums.
Details : DevDaily Java Resources
DevDaily Java Resources

Applet and tutorial directory, with news and links to other resources.
Details :

Collection of customized doclets and javadoc resources.
Details : Educational Object Economy    (EOE)
Educational Object Economy (EOE)

Promoting Java in education; includes current projects, FAQ on foundation, and events calendar.
Details : Esus

FAQ-like collection of answered and unanswered questions, with categorized collection of links.
Details : Java Lamp
Java Lamp

Includes collection of links related to Java and Linux Apache Mysql PHP (LAMP).
Details :

News and message boards for the games developer.
Details : Java Foundry
Java Foundry

Discussion forums, projects, and developer resources to stimulate and aid open source development.
Details : The Java Memory Model
The Java Memory Model

Bill Pugh's collection of resources and a mailing list.
Details : JavaPal

J2EE, ecommerce, and certification tips and articles.
Details : Java Erudite Center
Java Erudite Center

Collection of FAQs, articles, and resources.
Details : Java Spec Report
Java Spec Report

Unofficial errata for the language and virtual machine specifications.
Details : The Java Boutique
The Java Boutique

A collection of applets, applications, and servlets. Also features developer news, tutorials, and reviews.
Details : Java Community Process Program
Java Community Process Program

Information on latest JSR status.
Details : Java Developer Connection (JDC)
Java Developer Connection (JDC)

Sun's developer center with online tutorials, forums, and official beta releases.
Details : Java Developer Documentation
Java Developer Documentation

Documentation for the Mac. Includes QuickTime and Cocoa.
Details : java digest
java digest

Offers links to articles and open source resources, includes forums, chat, and newsletter registration.
Details : Java Gazette
Java Gazette

Resource collection on Apptivity, architecture, and user interfaces.
Details : Java Programming Tips, Tricks, and Links
Java Programming Tips, Tricks, and Links

Hints and resources for beginners and advanced programmers.
Details :

Collection of examples, tips, tutorials, articles, and resource links.
Details : The Java Lobby
The Java Lobby

Independent organization that supports the promise of Java as an open and universal (platform-independent, "Write Once, Run Anywhere") programming language. Java Foundation Applications project.
Details : The Source for Java Technology
The Source for Java Technology

Sun's home for Java. Offers Windows, Solaris, and Linux Java Development Kits (JDKs), extensions, news, tutorials, and product information.
Details : Borland Java Community
Borland Java Community

JBuilder's developer community with FAQs, documentation, and patches.
Details :

Directory of applets (with and without source), games, tricks, tips, news, and links.
Details :

Review service of applets, applications, and JavaBeans.
Details : The Java and Internet Glossary
The Java and Internet Glossary

Provides definitions, instructional essays, and links to resources.
Details : JPackage

Project providing a set of software RPM packages for Linux.
Details : JSurfer

News, links, and forums.
Details : JZ Ventures Java Links
JZ Ventures Java Links

Collection of applets, tutorials, code, and API documentation.
Details : Java Performance Tuning
Java Performance Tuning

Tips, resources, and monthly newsletter on improving the performance of applications.
Details : Java Zone
Java Zone

DevX community with discussion forums, FAQs, tutorials, and technical articles.
Details : Lawsuit Related Information
Lawsuit Related Information

Sun v. Microsoft case history and resources from Sun.
Details : Microsoft Technologies for Java
Microsoft Technologies for Java

News and technical information.
Details : Novell Developer Kit
Novell Developer Kit

Sample code for integrating with Novell services.
Details : JavaChief

A community driven knowledgebase on Java architecture, web development and Java Internet technology.
Details : Perry Smith Enterprises Java Q & A
Perry Smith Enterprises Java Q & A

Includes message boards, chat rooms, coding examples, and job opportunities.
Details : Programmers Heaven
Programmers Heaven

Links, articles, tutorials, and message boards.
Details : Starting Java Development
Starting Java Development

Installation and setup help articles, like PATH and CLASSPATH issues.
Details : The Swing Connection
The Swing Connection

Article and resource collection.
Details : JavaRanch

Includes study material for Java certification, a discussion forum and articles geared towards Java beginners.
Details :

Offers user provided examples of class/method usage.
Details : Lawsuit Information Center
Lawsuit Information Center

Sun v. Microsoft case history and resources from Microsoft.
Details : ITtoolbox Java
ITtoolbox Java

Portal with newswires, tutorials, large resource directory, events, and jobs.
Details : JavaCommerce

Collection of tutorials, FAQs, and articles.
Details :

Article and resource collection.
Details : Tengah

Collection of applets, applications and class libraries, programming resources, and books.
Details : WinHelp Java Documentation
WinHelp Java Documentation

API documentation in WinHelp format.
Details : Woodger's Java Resources
Woodger's Java Resources

Original articles on language-level issues, as well as client and server-side development.
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