Details : Hole City
Hole City

An on-line community devoted to cornering smart-assedness on the web.
Details :

A weekly satire, social commentary, rant, entertainment, dating, and general opinion 'magazine' by Gabriel Bell.
Details : About Teens
About Teens

Monthly magazine of jokes, original funny photos, and short fiction for young adults.
Details : Jumbo Dump
Jumbo Dump

It's comedy, stupid! Or is that stupid comedy?
Details : The Scab
The Scab

An ever-expanding collection of humor and comics with a decidedly dark tone.
Details : ScaldingCoffee

A satirical and scathing legal newspaper.
Details : Space Station Apollo
Space Station Apollo

Featuring the Apollog Times, a weekly humorous online newspaper.
Details : The Back of the Net
The Back of the Net

A UK based online satirical magazine.
Details : Cracked

Official site of Cracked Magazine.
Details : Craze

Weekly e-zine containing comedy, videos, legal MP3s, and downloads.
Details : In My Humble Opinion
In My Humble Opinion

The popular weekly humor column by Chandra K. Clarke.
Details : Indignant Online
Indignant Online

Attitude magazine featuring humor, commentary, sports, and sarcasm.
Details :

The irreverent webzine including sections; rants and riffs, media, and passport.
Details :

Movie reviews, commentary and regular features brought to you by web legends Tim Wann and Brad Smoley.
Details : Dick Overdose
Dick Overdose

Dick Overdose is a comic-anti-hero. On this side you can see his weekly adventures.
Details : Don't Shake The Baby
Don't Shake The Baby

Bi-monthly humor magazine featuring politics, Alf, and the living corpse of Cher.
Details : Birdfinger

Birdfinger does the work of the collective middle finger, fearlessly pointing it where needed.
Details : Doomed

Satirical online magazine. News you just can't trust, quality misinformation.
Details :

Home of the Pantless Clones, The "Ask the Voices in my Head" advice column, and much more general weirdness.
Details : The Emporium Of Fruit
The Emporium Of Fruit

Satirical online magazine. The world is a nutshell, and we provide the crackers.
Details : Mad Magazine
Mad Magazine

The Official Mad Magazine Site hosted by none other than Alfred E. Neuman.
Details : The Untrue News
The Untrue News

Weekly ezine featuring satire, parody, current events, and gratuitous hostility.
Details : The American Jerk
The American Jerk

A monthly humor magazine, edited by a professional stand-up comedian and another guy to keep him under control.
Details : STET Magazine
STET Magazine

Providing the finest in cutting-edge fluff.
Details : The Red-headed League
The Red-headed League

Devoted to bringing you the most important red-headed news, and the most trivial online cartoons, and comics.
Details : Yellow Dog
Yellow Dog

A pop culture/humor magazine featuring the acclaimed writings of Ishmail Alexadner, Avi Sababa, and the guy who played Mikey on the Life cereal commercials.
Details : The Spark
The Spark

Satirical online magazine. Includes the death test, and the purity test.
Details :

Home to publications including 'The Gazette', and 'The Smoking Duck'.
Details : BRETTnews

The peppy zine for active people.
Details : British Mad Magazine
British Mad Magazine

A collection of the covers of MAD UK and more.
Details : Bull's Hit
Bull's Hit

Almost everything in this magazine is untrue, twisted or made up.
Details : Bully Magazine
Bully Magazine

Sarcastic, cynical, hilarious magazine that mocks everyone, and everything.
Details : Chaff

A wacky fanzine written by morons, drawn by chimps, and edited by turnips.
Details : Chicken

Includes regular features, funny articles, humorous news archives, and diversions.
Details : 123 Comedy
123 Comedy

A humorous look at news including daily summaries of Letterman, Leno, and O'Brien.
Details : Archaec Gallery
Archaec Gallery

An online e-zine with a variety of humorous articles, and cards.
Details : Comedy Madness
Comedy Madness

Insane columnists, pictures of passed out drunks, message boards for the immature, as well as retard jokes.
Details : Sips from the Dribble Glass of Life
Sips from the Dribble Glass of Life

Array of original, exclusive humor including funny pictures, jokes, trivia, and satire.
Details : JustinNuff Magazine
JustinNuff Magazine

A free humorous magazine that pokes fun at everything.
Details : Motel Magazine
Motel Magazine

Features science, travel, humor, movie reviews, cooking and a bookstore for people who are made mostly of water.
Details : The Newfoundland Confederate
The Newfoundland Confederate

Your dose of the strongest Newfoundland satire on the net, with weekly updates. Archived issues from 1999 and 2000.
Details : The Notion
The Notion

Bad ideas aren't confined to cocktail napkins any more. Now they're explored, in all of their goofy glory, in this collaborative e-zine.
Details : The Odd Duck
The Odd Duck

Simply tomorrow's humor, today.
Details : Prolefeed

Includes stupid ICQ forwards, my life is Hell, and many other humorous articles.
Details : The Red Star Ball
The Red Star Ball

Catering to those who consciously conform to the deviant requirements of the non-conformist sub-culture.
Details : Nothing Magazine
Nothing Magazine

An ezine site about nothing.
Details : Nine-Zero Industries
Nine-Zero Industries

Articles on the PowderStuff Girls, cars, and anything else the Nine-Zero crew writes about.
Details : Prehensile Tales
Prehensile Tales

Prehensile Tales is a weekly humor ezine dedicated to making you soil your pants.
Details : Why men are.....
Why men are.....

Online magazine for women that is interactive, informative and fun.
Details :

News, musings, rantings, jokes, and commentary.
Details :

A site featuring ways to take your frustrations out on jerks.
Details : Spite Magazine
Spite Magazine

A forum for pettiness and contempt.
Details : Nyuck Magazine
Nyuck Magazine

A monthly humor webzine featuring original parodies, articles, and items of interest.
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