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Computer game news, reviews, demos, cheats, message board, patches, release dates, PC hardware and software stores. is updated often by honorable gamers who care about helping other computer gamers.
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An entertainment and information network for the latest gaming news, downloads, reviews, previews and information.
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An online Gaming site that features Clans, tips, and information about the latest games.
Details : Gamega

News, reviews, downloads, cheats, and screenshots.
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Focused on the discussion of video games and other computer related news.
Details : Cosmo3D

Database of gaming, hardware, 3D Links and gaming news.
Details : ComputerGameFan

Cheats, news, reviews, previews, and java games.
Details : PC Gamers' Network
PC Gamers' Network

Reviews, previews, news, weekly columns, forums, demos, and hardware reviews.
Details : Bad Karma Mecha News
Bad Karma Mecha News

News, reviews, and interviews and mecha related downloads.
Details : Computer Games Online
Computer Games Online

Covers all genres.
Details : Computer Games Online
Computer Games Online

Offers computer game links, reviews and discussion forums.
Details : Computer Gaming World
Computer Gaming World

Website for printed magazine. Unlike parent website (GameSpot) this site is not updated daily.
Details : Gone Gold
Gone Gold

News and features. Very unusual approach to the topics at hand.
Details : The Grownup Gamer
The Grownup Gamer

Contains reviews and articles, written primarily for an adult audience.
Details : Hard Core Gamer
Hard Core Gamer

Reviews, previews, patches, cheats and support.
Details : Igaming

A large gaming community, with messageboards, and a cheat archives.
Details : IGN PC

News, previews, reviews, and interviews.
Details : Games Arcadia
Games Arcadia

Features current news and reviews about the PC gaming industry. It also features multimedia clips and contests.
Details : Games Gazette
Games Gazette

Game reviews for all genres.
Details : Games Mania
Games Mania

Features gaming news and reviews from a uniquely Canadian perspective.
Details : Games Overdose
Games Overdose

Reviews, cheats, walkthroughs, trainers, demos, previews of PC based games
Details : Games-Center Network
Games-Center Network

Free forums, latest news, reviews, previews, cheats, UK charts and release dates.
Details : GameSpot

Includes reviews, previews, hints, cheats, guides, and downloads.
Details : Gamez Unlimited
Gamez Unlimited

Includes cheats and hints, reviews, downloads, and contests.
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Information, downloads, demos, online games, hints and cheats, and game reviews.
Details : 3D Action Planet
3D Action Planet

3D gaming news, features and reviews.
Details : 3D Gamers
3D Gamers

Demos, patches, screenshots, movies, reviews and previews of PC games.
Details : 3D Spotlight
3D Spotlight

Hardware and software news, information, tweaking, patches, demo downloads, reviews, and screenshots.
Details : 3D Updates
3D Updates

Reviews, game cheats, program updates and video drivers.
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Free PC game downloads, shockwave and java online games, cheats, reviews, and features.
Details : GameBanshee

Provides information on games, mainly RPGs. Offers reviews, downloads, screenshots, and databases on various games.
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News from the gaming industry and online gaming community.
Details : GameCommand

Offering news, reviews, and downloads. Includes online store to buy your favorite games, stratagy guides, and toys.
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Australian gaming news, reviews and previews.
Details : Sharky Games
Sharky Games

Latest news and reviews regarding PC gaming technology and game software.
Details : : The Internet Computer Games : The Internet Computer Games

A catalogue of over 55,000 games on around 70 platforms with news, screenshots, packaging, summaries and details of developers and publishers, plus competitions, charts, trivia, tips, FAQs & walkthroughs.
Details : MobyGames

An online database of the PC entertainment software industry's products from 1982 to present. Includes game descriptions, screenshots, boxcovers, reviews, trivia, links and ratings.
Details : OldmanMurray's Game Reviews
OldmanMurray's Game Reviews

Funny, brutal, honest take on the PC game market.
Details : PC Format
PC Format

News stories, and a reader forum that puts you in contact with knowledgeable PC users.
Details : PC Gamer Online
PC Gamer Online

Site for paper magazine. Limited exclusive content.
Details : Profile

Interviews with game developers and the 3D gaming community.
Details : Raptor's Lair
Raptor's Lair

Game reviews, patches and updates, tech help, custom built systems, online gaming help and lan party information.
Details : Retrospect Gaming
Retrospect Gaming

Covers abandonware and emulation game reviews.
Details : Review Nexus
Review Nexus

The gateway to the latest computer gaming reviews on the web. Includes search capabilities to help make the informed gaming decisions.
Details : Total 3D
Total 3D

3D gaming site including news, reviews, previews, forums, demos, and links.
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Contains game reviews, previews, and news.
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Information, chat, message board, poll, guilds, and news.
Details : GameInfoWire
GameInfoWire covers PC games, hardware, and industry news.
Details : Gamer Guru
Gamer Guru

News, reviews, cheats, and driver downloads.
Details : Gamers Depot
Gamers Depot

Reviews, screenshots, hardware reviews, and information.
Details : A Gamer's Hell
A Gamer's Hell

Contains reviews, previews, games, cheats, trainers, and news for different game genres.
Details : The Gamers' Temple
The Gamers' Temple

Features reviews, tips, strategies, codes, and news.
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Game demos, patches, news, reviews, message boards and cheats.
Details : Gamersnews

Computer gaming news from around the industry updated everyday. Cheats for your favorite games and files to try before you buy.
Details : GameSlice: Behind the Scenes of the Game Industry
GameSlice: Behind the Scenes of the Game Industry

GameSlice presents feature stories on the hottest computer and videogames, including interviews. The game design section looks at the importance of graphics, sound, design, and code in developing a video game.
Details : The Gaming Boutique
The Gaming Boutique

Easy navigation, forums, Chat, etc.
Details : Gamezilla

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