Open Source

Details : Softpanorama

(slightly skeptical) open source software educational society. Eastern European focus; many links are ideal for those with few resources in hardware or money.
Details : Debrief

Submarine maritime tactical analysis application. Used for analysis of maritime vessel tracks in 2 and 3 dimensions.
Details : Fractal Net
Fractal Net

Software such as Apache modules that integrate other Open Source products together like TCL and MySQL.
Details : UFO

Directory of free software and open source projects that are no longer maintained.
Details :

Provides reviews of software products, as well as a couple software projects.
Details : A Quantitative Profile of a Community of Open Source Linux Developers
A Quantitative Profile of a Community of Open Source Linux Developers

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, study: histories, analyses, explanations.
Details : SimpleCodes

An ongoing project designed to help further the open source community by providing news, rants, tutorials, and source code.
Details : GNU Project and Free Software Foundation
GNU Project and Free Software Foundation

One of the founding organizations of free and Open Source software. Home of the GNU Public license and many open source projects including GNU Hurd.
Details : GnuWin32

The project provides various GNU tools and software for Win32.
Details : Good Electronic Health Record
Good Electronic Health Record

An open source project to develop an electronic health record server which provides future proof, comprehensive electronic health records and database technologies.
Details : Agalmics: The Marginalization of Scarcity
Agalmics: The Marginalization of Scarcity

New organization to study the economics of plenty, starting with free software.
Details : Open Source IT
Open Source IT

Information and resources for the developer and technical professional interested in open source software.
Details :

General information on Free Software (Open Source) and its community.
Details : Open Source Resources
Open Source Resources

Resource site for Open Source Software researchers. Contains a bibliography, news and opinion sources, and links.
Details : Intel Open Source Computer Vision Library
Intel Open Source Computer Vision Library

The computer vision library will provide a wide range of functions, including gesture recognition, object-tracking, face recognition and camera calibration, that will help researchers develop ways to use "computer vision" as a method for people to interact with computers.
Details : Open Channel Foundation
Open Channel Foundation

Hosting open source projects and software from academic and research institutions and providing commercial services.
Details : PageBox

A facility to deploy XML, servlets or JSP presentations on Java servers.
Details : Project CrossRec
Project CrossRec

Distributed database for audio/video data.
Details : SendMail Network
SendMail Network

The site provides information, and community for the users of open source sendmail software.
Details : TridiaVNC

This cross-platform, remote control software is the only fully supported, documented, enhanced release of VNC.
Details : WayV

Extends the functionality of the mouse by allowing gestures to represent actions.
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