Details : Art Gone Postal
Art Gone Postal

Satirical artistic stamps. Order online.
Details : Javahabit

Images comparing coffee and drug paraphernalia, including a parody of the Starbucks logo.
Details : Project Gastro
Project Gastro

Self surgery and medical fun.
Details : Realscopes

A strange parody of horoscopes.
Details : Reuben Kinkade - Painter of Stuff
Reuben Kinkade - Painter of Stuff

Parodies of Thomas Kinkade paintings, featuring the work of his long-lost brother, Reuben (formerly manager of The Partridge Family).
Details : Guten Morgen Deutschland
Guten Morgen Deutschland

A parody German morning show.
Details : You're Probably Lost
You're Probably Lost

Parody articles and items. Home of "Insensitivity E-Cards," "Snag-a-Dolphin Kits," "Perpetually Young Lion Cubs" and much more chewy fun stuff.
Details : Food Safety Music
Food Safety Music

Parodies of popular Rock and Roll songs with food safety lyrics.
Details : FunnySpoofs

Spoofs: written, audio and t-shirts.
Details : iCyberserve

No matter what system your business runs, no matter what your databand needs, iCyberserve will be there.
Details : Humorscope

A humorous horoscope by Ron Lunde. Available daily or weekly.
Details : JokesterLive

Offers thousands of parodies, jokes, images, pranks, and Real Server streams.
Details :

Includes parodies such as Shaqfeld, When Ants Attack, Complex Rules for Simple Games, and Stupid Things in the Driver's Manual.
Details : FenderBender's Guide To Stupid Driving
FenderBender's Guide To Stupid Driving

How to drive stupidly in the game Nascar 4.
Details : Flatulence Filter
Flatulence Filter

Parody of corporate site that sells chair cushion flatulence filters.
Details : Not The Bible
Not The Bible

A short bible parody site including stories about the early life of Jesus, a quiz to determine if you are a Sodomite, and the secret of the miracles explained.
Details : V.O.I.D.S. - Your Health is Important to Us!
V.O.I.D.S. - Your Health is Important to Us!

Here you can learn how to save yourself and others from being affected by V.O.I.D.S. This site includes full details on this spoof disease.
Details : A Wasted Education
A Wasted Education

A distraction for all of us that are wasting our educations.
Details : Project Bike Hotrod
Project Bike Hotrod

Spoof of government conspiracy to cover up the existence of 'Above Top Secret' hypersonic craft.
Details : The Official Home of the Mexicans in Black
The Official Home of the Mexicans in Black

The Home of the Mexicans in Black, the most powerful organization unknown to man.
Details : The Official Musical Sciences Web Page
The Official Musical Sciences Web Page

Comedy, fake movie news and video clips.
Details : Planet of the Apes - funkified!
Planet of the Apes - funkified!

A parody of the classic sci-fi film.
Details : Pomp

Site features spoof columns "Ask Emotionless Man," "U B WACK," "Hukes of Dazzard," "Sexual Positions" and other material.
Details : Postcard Madness
Postcard Madness

A lampoon of the practice of sending travel postcards while on vacation as a not-so-subtle means of bragging, using real life examples.
Details : Phatboy's House of Phat
Phatboy's House of Phat

This site is so phat that it should go on a diet.
Details : Insect Rights Activists
Insect Rights Activists

A parody of extremist animal rights activists. The original home page of the Insect Rights Activists.
Details : Budwizer

Includes wassup parodies, and games.
Details : Captain Safety Site
Captain Safety Site

Super-hero Captain Safety presents hints for avoiding death, guilt, and responsibility.
Details : Furniture Porn
Furniture Porn

Porn parody site, including banner ads and a movie.
Details : The Brothers Grinn Reams O' Fun Websiteorama!
The Brothers Grinn Reams O' Fun Websiteorama!

Parodies, spoofs and interviews with people like Scott Kurtz, creator of the web comic PvP, and Robert Darden of The Door Magazine.
Details : The Bumperbanner
The Bumperbanner

Print or create your own bumper stickers spoofing local television or radio.
Details : Book-A-Minute

Humourous lampooning of popular sci-fi and fantasy via ultra-condensation.
Details :

This site supplies fake information to its users primarily by means of parody, including spoof web sites and fake information like satire, humor, fiction, videos, and cartoons.
Details : Chicken Soup for the Soulless
Chicken Soup for the Soulless

Full of good-humored parodies of the inspirational e-mails you've come to know and loathe, forwarded to you by well-meaning relatives.
Details : You Might Be A Child Of The 80's If...
You Might Be A Child Of The 80's If...

A listing of humorous ways to tell if you were a child of the 80's. Also, some 80's links.
Details : Parody World
Parody World

Spoof news, pictures and other pseudo-information.
Details : Pea City News & Events
Pea City News & Events

Pea City, Landsfill County's guide to real estate, careers, finance, and opportunities.
Details : Slowthoughts

Spoof stories and real games are among the offerings here.
Details : Lip Balm Anonymous
Lip Balm Anonymous

Save yourself from lip balm addiction. Find out if you have a problem, learn from others in recovery, and find out more about the Industry of Addiction.
Details : Knight Trading Group
Knight Trading Group

An unauthorized resource of information, multimedia and parody for the Knight Trading Group investor.
Details : The Lair of the Vermicious Kanid
The Lair of the Vermicious Kanid

Professional wrestling spoof site.
Details : America Outtaline
America Outtaline

A parody of a certain internet provider, with products not for sale.
Details : Hilarious T-Shirts
Hilarious T-Shirts

Amusing, offensive, and parody t-shirts.
Details : Idleworm

Excellent animated spoofs of pop culture icons. Flash games and activities where you blast annoying celebs.
Details : BetterDogFood

They give you the dog, and then sell you the food.
Details : Ask Jesus
Ask Jesus

Ask Jesus, and find information on many areas of interest, such as cheese, the fonz, and hippies.
Details : Gun-Control Network
Gun-Control Network

UK parody site dedicated to the notion that "commoners need no defense."
Details : Has Grigory Efimovich Rasputin Returned?
Has Grigory Efimovich Rasputin Returned?

This site provides evidence that Grigory Efimovich Rasputin has returned, and is working as a hacker.
Details : Lens Cap Cam
Lens Cap Cam

Three different web cams, the possibility to control a camera yourself and an archive with images and a downloadable video. I wonder what's behind that lens cap?
Details : Merlin's Corners
Merlin's Corners

This site features parodies, soothsayers, commentary, Lord Buckley, auto racing, Sin-Sim, airbrushes, frogs, toads, turtles, chilies, and other insanities.
Details :

Andyco is a ubiquitous, insensitive, and often incompetent company. A great place to visit, but you wouldn't want to work there!
Details : Cheese Wars
Cheese Wars

Ongoing Internet cartoon featuring reluctant revolutionaries trying to survive in a world full of Hollywood parodies.
Details : T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S.

Stands for Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations.
Details : The University of Lucastan
The University of Lucastan

A parody of a full-featured institution of higher learning.
Details : Veterans Against Stupidity
Veterans Against Stupidity

Spoof charity for military families in need.
Details : Welcome to Geektopia! Heaven for Geeks and Nerds Alike.
Welcome to Geektopia! Heaven for Geeks and Nerds Alike.

The story of Geektopia, heaven for geeks and nerds alike. A parody of life as seen through the (twin??) Geek brothers' eyes.
Details : God Hates Figs
God Hates Figs

A parody of the "" site run by the Reverend Phelps. The site proves conclusively that God can't stand those seedy little fruits and the people who eat them.
Details : Cooking With High Voltage
Cooking With High Voltage

Take a peek into 21st century methods of cooking.
Details : National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir
National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir

Christians who take patriotism one stage too far.
Details : iMind - The Parody
iMind - The Parody

Parody of defunct dot-com company, Includes company chronology, documents, and photographs.
Details : Horrid, horrid poetry
Horrid, horrid poetry

Danarchy's parodies of poetry.
Details : Pajahmo Research Center
Pajahmo Research Center

Parody of a huge research center. Funny pics and stories. Check out tip of the month and get your questions answered by the researchers.
Details : Laze's Diet Plan
Laze's Diet Plan

Never has there been such a fast way to lose weight...
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