Details : Sigmapascal

Discussion boards, compiler reviews, downloads, books, and links.
Details : How To Code Pascal
How To Code Pascal

A long paper on how to write good Pascal code based on the 4 P's of programming: philosophy, performance, problems, and portability.
Details : Turbopascal Help
Turbopascal Help

Pascal code, compilers, and tutorial links as well as a helpfull message board and small community.
Details : Turbo Pascal Programmers Page
Turbo Pascal Programmers Page

A collection of links to tutorials, web sites, books, source code, newsgroups.
Details : Guide to Pascal Guide to Pascal

Comprehensive collection of links to Pascal-related web sites, including compilers, FAQs, tutorials, and source code.
Details : Khaan's Place
Khaan's Place

Source code, tutorial, chat room, help page, and links to pages about Turbo Pascal.
Details : Klaus Hartnegg Pascal Page
Klaus Hartnegg Pascal Page

Information about solving Runtime error 200 in Borland Pascal and breaking the 64KB limit. Also source code, mostly interfaces with hardware.
Details : Pascal forum at Tek-Tips
Pascal forum at Tek-Tips

Technical support forums and mutual help system for Pascal programmers.
Details : Pascal Bookmark
Pascal Bookmark

Pascal and Turbo Pascal programming information, articles, tutorials, beginners guides and sample codes from all around the world.
Details : Pascal Central
Pascal Central

Technical information, source code, forums and links. Focuses on the Macintosh development platform, but includes some good information about Pascal in general.
Details : IRC

FAQ, people, operators, rules. Also contain sources and tools.
Details : Pascal Graphic Environment
Pascal Graphic Environment

A GUI windowing system for Turbo and FPC Pascal.
Details : Pascal-L Mailing List
Pascal-L Mailing List

World Pascal programming mailing list
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