Personalized News

Details : WeatherPages

Features information, 7-day forecasts, and 2-day outlooks for United States cities.
Details : WeatherVine

Storm chasers of both hurricanes and tornadoes, the WeatherVine Storm Intercept Team tells their stories of their chases through audio and video.
Details : Emazing

Information about different fields delivered by email.
Details : Capitol Hill Blue
Capitol Hill Blue

A daily ezine featuring articles on American politics by retired journalists as well as selected news from wire services.
Details : Political Amazon
Political Amazon

Information on the VRWC, and political-religious right financial backers including Pioneer Fund, Scaife, Klayman, Pat Robertson, and Christian Reconstructionism.
Details : The Washington Chronicle
The Washington Chronicle

A newspaper dedicated to bringing the news about conservative, liberal, republican and democratic parties and politics and elections through commentary and reporting.
Details : United Conservatives
United Conservatives

View the last 100 topics and posts to our forum here. You'll find conservative and political news, breaking news, headline news, and international news.
Details : Integrated Regional Information Network
Integrated Regional Information Network

IRIN, part of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, offers customized e-mail delivery of specialist African online news.
Details : Kellogg's Smart Start Morning Starter
Kellogg's Smart Start Morning Starter

Customizable news service from the breakfast cereal maker. Log on to set up and view customized web pages or receive daily e-mail delivery of news.
Details : New York Times - Politics
New York Times - Politics

Current political and national headlines from Washington, as well as discussion forums, columns, and week in review.
Details : Absolute Weather
Absolute Weather

Gives free local weather forecasts by e-mail daily. Includes weather charts and features that can be customized.
Details : WeatherMatrix

Community information site for amateurs and professionals. Includes links to member webcams.
Details : Weather Underground
Weather Underground

Weather forecasts for the U.S. and the world with a fast, easy to use interface. Includes weather maps, graphics and radar images.
Details : Bulletin News
Bulletin News

Web site of The White House Bulletin, The Frontrunner and The Morning Digest, daily on-line subscription-based publications covering politics and policy in both Washington, DC and the US.
Details : Capitol Grilling - The Political Parlor Game
Capitol Grilling - The Political Parlor Game

Insider Scoop, Rumor and Gossip for the Washington DC Political Insider.
Details :

Offering customizable free real-time feeds of Businesswire, Prnewswire, and Nelson's Broker Summaries.
Details : Aldi Info
Aldi Info

Providing interactivity between political opinions of the news and the issues behind them. Offers news, issues, opinions, and polls.
Details : WeatherPro

Current weather information and four day forecasts from every US city.
Details : My-Cast Weather Intelligence
My-Cast Weather Intelligence

Neighborhood-level weather intelligence, tailored for hobbies, sports and lifestyles. Available on the Internet, as well as via e-mail and wireless devices. United States coverage only.
Details : MyForecast

Features forecasts, reports and maps for global locations.
Details : Rain or Shine
Rain or Shine

Weather service produced by Advance Internet and features the Old Farmers Almanac.
Details : Television Weather Information
Television Weather Information

Links and data for TV weathercasters and their viewers, specialized services.
Details : USA Today Weather
USA Today Weather

Features global forecasts and information on meteorological topics.
Details : The Washington Post: Weather
The Washington Post: Weather

Weather information for cities locally and around the world and historical weather on various locations.
Details : All Weather Index
All Weather Index

Features world weather and an index based on a scale from 0 to 100.
Details : Federal News Service
Federal News Service

News organization that transmits verbatim texts of political statements, events, and interviews by U.S. and Russian political leaders.
Details : Free Citizen
Free Citizen

Daily political news updates and commentary from the conservative viewpoint.
Details : Intellicast

Detailed weather and forecast information around the globe. Features include surface maps, charts, satellite imagery, and recreational outlooks.
Details : Democracy Today
Democracy Today

Our site provides elected officials and issue groups with a powerful yet easy-to-use way to monitor the views of their constituents, develop one-to-one relationships with voters to expand their base of support, and deliver information cost-effectively over the Internet.
Details : My Yahoo
My Yahoo

This service brought to you by the search engine corporation allows you to have a customizable web page based on your news preferences.
Details : News@Hub

Choose from a selection of news sources to create a personalized news web page.
Details :

Personalized Technology and Computer Science News.
Details :

Weblog of latest news from Washington, the halls of Congress, all 50 states and the major cities
Details : Gridlock and Load
Gridlock and Load

A monthly online magazine covering political commentary, analysis, and reporting.
Details : InfoBrand Weather Service
InfoBrand Weather Service

Provides custom weather information to portal sites, ISPs and wireless devices.
Details : RealClear Politics
RealClear Politics

News, political opinion and commentary, and the political issues of the day.
Details : Financial Times - News By E-Mail
Financial Times - News By E-Mail

Free service delivering daily articles on financial topics of your choice. Registration required.
Details : Radical Middle Political Newsletter
Radical Middle Political Newsletter

Ezine covering policy issues, conferences, and books in the fields of politics, government, law, business, and foreign affairs. Edited by Mark Satin.
Details : NewsSynthesis Political News Page
NewsSynthesis Political News Page

Political news stories from sources across the web.
Details : WxWatch

Weather and forecasting for world cities. Includes satellite, NEXRAD, and Doppler radar, Redding weather and national 7-day forecasts.
Details : Weather Web
Weather Web

Real-time weather from around the world. Lots of news and personal tidbits from the author.
Details : WeatherGuide

Contains news, forecasts and climate information for the United States, community discussion, facts, and educational information.
Details : The Weather Beacon
The Weather Beacon

Provides conditions for United States and global locations, radar, and warnings.
Details : National Journal
National Journal

A leading publisher of magazines, newsletters, books and directories for people who have a professional interest in American government, policy and politics.
Details : Weather Today
Weather Today

Forecasts for cities in the United States and around the world plus 5-day forecasts for any city e-mailed daily.
Details : The Hill
The Hill

Weekly Washington, DC newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress.
Details : Latino Vote
Latino Vote

Source for Latino political and public policy news. Includes news headline stories, US Latino population statistical and demographic information, links to national political campaigns and Federal and State elections and government resources.
Details : Political Information Center
Political Information Center

The Latest politcal news and resources with engaging discussion.
Details : Political News Daily
Political News Daily

Political news updated daily from the AP, Reuters, NY Times, Washington Post and more. Site also includes useful political sites.
Details : Political Wire
Political Wire

Daily collection of links to political and current affairs news on the Internet.
Details : Politics Web Directory
Politics Web Directory

A web directory with categories for political news, both national and local. This web directory is non-partisan and politically unbiased.
Details : Weather For You
Weather For You

Features forecasts for United States locations, weather resources, information on independent weather stations, weather by e-mail, and current conditions.
Details : Public i
Public i

An investigative report from the Center for Public Integrity. Includes news reports, and political commentary.
Details : Weather Sphere
Weather Sphere

Weather for the United States.
Details : Salon Politics
Salon Politics

Political coverage that makes you think. Hot topics, forums, soundoff board.
Details : MSNBC News Filters
MSNBC News Filters

From here you can get a customizable news alert pager for your desktop, as well as a personalized news page.
Details : Stating the Obvious
Stating the Obvious

Web technology, business and culture news filter.
Details : MediaLink

Ayn Rand Institute's Media Web site. Objectivism's unique viewpoint of reason not mysticism, the individual not the collective, free markets and free minds not government controls makes ARI's spokesmen and writers original and dramatic commentators on current events and trends.
Details : CNN Weather
CNN Weather

Features weather news and 5-day forecasts for cities or countries around the world.
Details : AmericaWeather

Forecasts for United States, Canada and international weather. Features include forecasts, current conditions, national radar, and weather warnings.
Details : CNN AllPolitics
CNN AllPolitics

Cable News Network's political section.
Details : ABC Weather
ABC Weather

Covers United States, Canadian, and international weather. Features include forecasts, current conditions, national radar, and weather warnings.
Details :

CReAte Your Own Newspaper. Decide on the publications you want and let CRAYON pull together all of the headlines for you in one, easy to click home page.
Details : Weather Line
Weather Line

Offering free to the public, weather forecasts by phone and the web.
Details : SpaceFM player
SpaceFM player

Set up virtual newscasters to collect your national news, sports information, stock prices, weather reports, jokes, and auction bids easily and quickly.
Details : The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel

Offers forecasts for cities worldwide as well as radar and satellite maps. Also includes news stories and allergy information.
Details :

Daily, 30 day weather forecasts for cities in the continental United States.
Details :

Information and data for the United States, including live conditions, SkyCams, lightning data, forecasts, maps, warnings, and TraffiCams.
Details : News is Free
News is Free

Collection from over 640 news sources which registered users may arrange in customized boxes. Includes theme-based search feature.
Details : Anything Weather
Anything Weather

Features weather data for the United States.
Details : CBC Weather
CBC Weather

Features forecasts for various countries and cities and satellite images.
Details : National Political Index
National Political Index

Extensive databases, links and other information and resources about government officials and electoral politics. Also tools to encourage grassroots political activism.
Details : My Netscape
My Netscape

Customizible news and information from Netscape
Details : AccuWeather

Features radar and satellite images and 5-day forecasts for United States locations.
Details :

Washington's Political Portal. Links to the political web sites, political pages in newspapers in all 50 states, electronic media sites.
Details :

Weather experts providing 3D weather radar and satellite images, national weather headlines and customized weather forecasts.
Details : Spinsanity

Column which analyzes political and media rhetoric and criticizes "spin" and punditry. Includes archive and e-mail list information.
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