Details : Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Trade practical jokes with fellow pranksters, or get ideas for pranks to pull on friends.
Details : High School Photo Prank
High School Photo Prank

A phony site which claims to have all high school photos on record. The person enters in their personal information, only to be tricked at the end. Email this to your friends.
Details : Prank Mail
Prank Mail

Send anonymous email to a friend or colleague, from the email address of your choice.
Details : Pranks

Jokes that work on Windows and on computers of your friends. Registration is required to view this site.
Details : Clifhanger Pranks
Clifhanger Pranks

A collection of Internet jokes which will keep the victim busy for a while. Miscellaneous pranks.
Details :

Features funny videos related to tele-marketers.
Details : Place Of Doom
Place Of Doom

A prank story where you can choose your own doom.
Details : The Center 2000
The Center 2000

Online pranks and funny pictures. Also includes a webring.
Details : CityHumor Pranks
CityHumor Pranks

Many different pranks to play on your family and friends through email, including a lie-detector test and a love predictor.
Details : Javascript Codes
Javascript Codes

Humorous javascript codes, fake viruses, and other pranks.
Details : The Stupid Show
The Stupid Show

Features pictures, audio, and video of pranks played on people. Includes a forum, where one can suggest pranks, and information about the cast.
Details : S.E.P Anonymous Email
S.E.P Anonymous Email

Contains the option to send fake emails, hoaxes, anonymous emails, and receive replies to it.
Details : The Prank Institute
The Prank Institute

Dedicated to promoting the pranking sciences. You will find pranks, prank how-to information, practical jokes, and general mischief making tips.
Details : Bar Tricks, Magic, and Stunts
Bar Tricks, Magic, and Stunts

Magic tricks and jokes to play on other people.
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