Details : Disc-O-Logue

Catalogue of French language songs from Canada, France and other parts of the French speaking world, which were available in Canada on LPs and 45rpm records from 1962 through 1979.
Details :, The, The

An online resource where artists can sell their music and network with industry professionals.
Details : Outer Sound
Outer Sound

Independent music community, with reviews, feature stories, how-to articles, industry databases and band sites.
Details : Oyster River Tone Woods
Oyster River Tone Woods

They process top quality woods for use in the construction of musical instruments.
Details : Patrick Woodroffe Lighting Design
Patrick Woodroffe Lighting Design

His work encompasses the worlds of music, dance, fashion, art and architecture. His clients include ABBA, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Elton John and the Rolling Stones.
Details :

Offers musicians an online resource for information about the art and business of the music industry.
Details :

Provides an online music distribution service for independent artists, unsigned bands and others. Features anti-copy protection and secure payment mechanisms.
Details : Real UK Music
Real UK Music

Music resource providing information, listings and links for various types of music. Including clubs, festivals, concert venues, news, reviews, performers, studios and teachers.
Details : Rock List
Rock List

Discographies for rock artists and bands from 1954 through 2000, with thousands of records listed.
Details : Rock 'n' Roll Search
Rock 'n' Roll Search

Music resource covering everything from radio stations to music production houses.
Details : Sheheshe Music Services
Sheheshe Music Services

Radio promotion business for indie artists. Online newsletter, references, prices, and specials.
Details : Who Does That Song
Who Does That Song

Searchable database for songs and the artists who recorded them. You can search by artist or song title. Includes links between artists who have changed groups and artists who have changed names.
Details :

Resources include music theory, mixing tips, audio files, and message boards.
Details :

A complete resource offering a massive archive of music information from guitar tab search engine to instructional articles.
Details : Northwest Music Network
Northwest Music Network

An online guide to musical happenings in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Includes acts, venues and events.
Details : Fabrizio Ferrari's Musicians Page
Fabrizio Ferrari's Musicians Page

Free sheet music, musicians search engine, musical software tools, services and resources.
Details : Worldwide Music Resources
Worldwide Music Resources

Extensive page of listings for music resources around the world.
Details : Digitalis

This MP3 digital rock music project is looking for artists who would like to contribute vocals, songwriting or instrumentals.
Details : Musicians and Injuries
Musicians and Injuries

Instrumental musicians are a special risk group for repetitive motion injuries. This page addresses that issue.
Details : Beat Goes On, The
Beat Goes On, The

Interesting stories about music and musicians.
Details : Big Island Music, Inc.
Big Island Music, Inc.

Features a biography of Stan Zabka, co-composer of the original Tonight Show theme, and a catalog of creative projects in music, film and television production.
Details : Black Book, The
Black Book, The

Resource covering the music industry, bands, academics, amateurs and fans. Included are links, charts, bulletin boards, e-zines and databases.
Details :

Resources, tips, news, classifieds, forums and music related databases. Includes information about copyrights, trademarks, marketing and locating a record label.
Details : Amazing Baconizer, The
Amazing Baconizer, The

Applies the Kevin Bacon game to the affinity lists at For example, it shows how fans of Frank Sinatra eventually connect to fans of Metallica via their purchases.
Details : Artist Home Pages
Artist Home Pages

Provides listings for musicians and bands. It also has artist photos, biographies, sample tracks, contact/booking information and a searchable database.
Details : Artist Survival Manual
Artist Survival Manual

A free 150 page book that answers your questions about starting in the music business. Read it online, download it or have it sent to your e-mail address free of charge.
Details : Audio Hub, The
Audio Hub, The

Webspace for your music, band links, free MP3s to download, lyrics to buy and sell.
Details : AudioRank

An information resource for samples, loops, breaks, MIDI, synthesizers, Cubase VST, instruments and tutorials.
Details :

Live recording information, hobbyist trading community and artist promotion.
Details :

Features music news, band interviews, CD reviews, concert listings and links.
Details : CD Art
CD Art

Features non-specific CD covers for your music compilations. Includes minidisc and tape covers.
Details : CD E.T.A.

Features information about major and independent recording artists. Offers free exposure for musicians and free memberships for fans, record labels, venue operators and bands. Includes a message board and chat.
Details : Come As You Are Music
Come As You Are Music

A resource designed to help the working musician get contacts in the music industry.
Details : The Covers Project
The Covers Project

Database of covered songs and artists, with a list of longest cover chains.
Details : Cybermusician

News and discussion forums for musicians, musical interests, and products. Free web space and bulletin boards available.
Details : Definitive Audio Web
Definitive Audio Web

Audiophile site with reviews, articles, columns, news, classified ads, equipment and tweaking information, directories and a forum. Available in Chinese and English.
Details : Music Fan Clubs Organization
Music Fan Clubs Organization

Fan-oriented site providing up to date information about your favorite singers, groups and bands.
Details : Music Helps Online Communities
Music Helps Online Communities

Community building tools for music related sites. Features chat, webmail, webspace and shopping.
Details : Music in The Big Sky
Music in The Big Sky

Training musicians in Montana, church musicians and otherwise. Offers music events and help from trained musicians.
Details : Music Logos for Bands
Music Logos for Bands

More than 18 years of experience in design. The designers have won national awards for their work, including 5 first place awards at The American Graphic Design Awards competition in 1998, 1999 and 2000.
Details : Music Paradise
Music Paradise

Built with the idea of bringing forth the blend of traditional and modern day music. Includes sound clips and information about different genres, instruments and their history.
Details : Song of The Salesman
Song of The Salesman

Guide to music used in advertising, also featuring information on plagiarism and musical theft among artists.
Details : SoundRage

Provides musicians with a means to find local talent and advance their art through services, equipment, books and contacts. Includes several message boards.
Details : Sunset Venue Music and Media
Sunset Venue Music and Media

Resource for independently released music in all genres. Includes artists' photos, biographies, lyrics, reviews, audio and video.
Details : Themefinder

Large searchable database of musical themes with the results displayed in written musical notation. It also lists links to other websites related to matched themes.
Details : Johnny Mercer Foundation, The
Johnny Mercer Foundation, The

A non-profit organization devoted to preserving and celebrating the Great American Songbook in the tradition of Johnny Mercer. One of their many accomplishments is helping the blind to read and play music.
Details : Just a Bass Player
Just a Bass Player

A haven for bass players who maintain band websites.
Details :

Reviews independent music resources on the Internet.
Details : Rap Industry
Rap Industry

A hip hop resource with music, videos, news, magazines, clothes and a playmate contest. The site contains some adult oriented content.
Details : Rapper Dentist Daddy and Hip Hop Dentist
Rapper Dentist Daddy and Hip Hop Dentist

When one of the mega-stars asked for a sparkling set of gold teeth with diamonds, they acquired those nicknames. Many of today's top pop artists have become their patients.
Details : KatCall

Provides resources for musicians and music enthusiasts. Includes forums, interviews, articles, downloads, a community for independent musicians and record companies.
Details : Live Club
Live Club

Home to many up and coming bands. Features a gig guide, free linking and message board.
Details : Live Music Production
Live Music Production

Community for artists and fans. Includes a forum, free e-mail, a studio webcam and links.
Details : Slipcue.Com

A guide to country, folk, power pop, melodic punk, Brazilian and Cuban music. Includes reviews, artist details and recommended albums.
Details : Sojournstar Music Ltd.
Sojournstar Music Ltd.

This resource for independent bands and artists includes a forum, classified ads and helpful interaction with website staff and surfers.
Details : Solo Performer
Solo Performer

Includes solo guitar arrangements and lessons, a singer and songwriter workshop, studio/home recording advice and performance coaching. It also examines legal and music business issues.
Details : Macsound Computer and Music Services
Macsound Computer and Music Services

Downloads, information and links to professional music services. Includes sound theory, CDR tips and a guide to mixing.
Details : Making Music
Making Music

Formerly known as The National Federation of Music Societies, they provide artistic information, training and support services to amateur and semiprofessional musicians.
Details : Music and Technology
Music and Technology

Resources for the recording musician. Includes music and technology tutorials, message forums, industry book reviews, information and free musician classifieds.
Details : Tonos

Features various opportunities for musicians. Includes a message board.
Details : Triple Cycle Theory
Triple Cycle Theory

A comprehensive site covering the Northwest music scene, with information about bands, record labels and a list of studios. Includes a discography and history.
Details : Web Music Database, The
Web Music Database, The

Fan based music database includes recordings, artists, trivia and reviews.
Details :

A resource for roadies and others working in the concert, touring and live event industry. It includes the Crewpool listing, Roadieworld forum and channel #roadieworld on
Details : FourFront Media and Music
FourFront Media and Music

Ideas for promoting and marketing independent music. All articles were written by music business veteran Christopher Knab.
Details : Futuresonic

Ambient sound site which is a forum for the presentation of audio media for digitally enhanced forms of expression and communication.
Details : GeoTunes

Purchase CDs and tapes. Find MP3s, software and sheet music.
Details :

The emphasis is on bands from Asia, but it is a resource for everyone. Includes equipment reviews, interviews, hints and tips, free e-mail, forums and classified ads.
Details : Global Alliance of Performers
Global Alliance of Performers

Non-profit 501(C)(3) agency made up of musicians, performers, producers, artists and journalists, dedicated to making a difference in society.
Details : Groovymix

An index of bands, artists and albums. Features recommendations and reviews. Includes rock, dance, jazz, classical and pop.
Details : Harding Bros. Music Resources
Harding Bros. Music Resources

Includes a guitar note finder, chat room, live sound tips and links to MIDI, tablature, musical instrument and auction sites.
Details : Musicians Resource Center
Musicians Resource Center

Featuring information about singers/songwriters and the business of songwriting.
Details :

Musical instruments, vintage nstruments, articles, information on amps, and Chicago musical events.
Details :

A touring network for independent bands. They help your band hook up with other bands which increases your chances for booking successful tours.
Details : Music Player Network
Music Player Network

A leading content source for musicians. Exclusive artist interviews, daily news, product announcements, gear reviews, professional forums and free classifieds. Covers guitar, bass, drums, vocal, recording and gigs.
Details : Music Search Service
Music Search Service

I search for music-related topics. Just fill out the form. You'll receive an e-mail answer if I find something.
Details : 10

Your source for anything reference music from recording artists' web sites, to music industry connections.
Details :

A large resource for news, reviews, interviews, free downloads, audio and video, concert listings, contests and merchandise.
Details : Musicians Answering Service, The
Musicians Answering Service, The

Diary service for London's top musicians, with biographies and photos.
Details : Musicians Gallery
Musicians Gallery

Profiles, photos and biographies of musicians and related services worldwide.
Details : Musicians National Referral
Musicians National Referral

A fee based service helping musicians and bands to connect locally, regionally, nationally and globally.
Details : Musicians Network
Musicians Network

Offering a means for networking and mutual support to musicians and people in the music industry.
Details : Nightwatch Recordings
Nightwatch Recordings

A directory of musicians and bands specializing in Renaissance and early music. Includes news, reviews and sound clips.
Details : Headbob

For independent artists distributing their music via MP3 format. They link radio stations and nightclubs in many genres.
Details : Hidden Song Archive, The
Hidden Song Archive, The

Access information, find titles, authors and backgrounds for hidden and unlisted tracks from dozens of rock, pop, and other albums.
Details :

Online music magazine and directory where users can find, buy, make, mix and promote music. Includes information about music careers, shop, music biz guide, record label contacts, news, reviews, features, interviews, hardware/software, DJ equipment, unsigned acts soundstage, DJ area and turntablism page.
Details : Indie Link Exchange, The
Indie Link Exchange, The

Contains a list of music people who wish to exchange links with other music related sites.
Details : Indiecentre

An independent label information site with a focus on releasing your own album on vinyl, cassette and CD.
Details : IndieTrax: Independent MP3 Music
IndieTrax: Independent MP3 Music

Offers resources for independent musicians including free web hosting, email and promotion.
Details :

Resource for independent music with articles, interviews, reviews, artist profiles and free music.
Details :

Toronto's independent music resource for indie artists, their fans and the music community.
Details : iZipe!

MP3 band web site design, including e-commerce, free mp3 song download web sites for bands, official band merchandise, music promotion, web site consulting, hosting, searches, CDs and videos.
Details : Loudsong, Ltd.
Loudsong, Ltd.

Developing creative outlets for children and young people with disabilities. They use music and art as the medium and hope to bring people together, encouraging opportunities not usually available.
Details : Music Business
Music Business

An educational and informational music business site, dedicated to building successful careers in the music and entertainment industry. Includes paid membership areas.
Details : Marketing Your Music
Marketing Your Music

An array of tips on how to call attention to your music.
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