Details : Green Web Garden
Green Web Garden

A meeting place on the web for the sharing of ideas and knowledge on gardening from around the world.
Details : Purdue University Horticulture
Purdue University Horticulture

Consumer horticulture page.
Details : The Schundler Company - Horticultural Uses of Perlite and Vermiculite
The Schundler Company - Horticultural Uses of Perlite and Vermiculite

Very large collection of articles and resources.
Details : The Gardening Archive
The Gardening Archive

An archive of frequently asked question on many aspects of gardening.
Details : The Vermiculite Home Page
The Vermiculite Home Page

Information about the many uses of perlite and vermiculite in gardens, landscaping, industry, and construction.
Details : Home Horticulture
Home Horticulture

Information for home gardeners.
Details : Gardening with Ciscoe
Gardening with Ciscoe

Horticulture information from KIRO AM in Seattle, Washington.
Details : The Backyard Gardener
The Backyard Gardener

Articles, information, classifieds, discussion forum, literary resources, and a newsletter.
Details : Hort Corner
Hort Corner

A general base of knowledge for gardeners, from the University of Illinois Extension.
Details : Horticulture Solutions Series
Horticulture Solutions Series

Basic information on horticulture topics.
Details : I Can Garden
I Can Garden

Canadian gardening resource site.
Details : Institute of Garden Design
Institute of Garden Design

Information on becoming a professional garden designer.
Details : The Magic Garden
The Magic Garden

Radio show about flowers, trees, lawns, and plants.
Details : The Lazy Gardener
The Lazy Gardener

Information and advice on easy gardening.
Details : Lawn and Gardening Information
Lawn and Gardening Information

Information from the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Agriculture.
Details : Gardening By Giftz
Gardening By Giftz

A range of tips and hints.
Details : Gardens On Line
Gardens On Line

A large Australian based gardening site offering comprehensive references, plantfinder, photos, in-depth articles and community areas.
Details : The Garden Trellis
The Garden Trellis

How-to guides on garden design and plant selection.
Details :

Reviews on a range of flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs.
Details : All America Selections Winners
All America Selections Winners

Showcases new varieties of flowers, vegetables and plants that have been tested and proven to be superior for home garden performance.
Details : At Home Garden
At Home Garden

Articles and ideas for garden preparation, container planting, composting, and design.
Details : GardenNet

Garden center has links, catalogs, and information for the garden enthusiast.
Details : Lewis Gardens - Gardening and Perennial Resource
Lewis Gardens - Gardening and Perennial Resource

Tips, information and advice on home gardening and the care of perennials. Glossary, plant library, garden designs and layouts, message board, recipes, and reference materials.
Details : Gardens and Flowers
Gardens and Flowers

Information about gardens, flowers, container plants, cacti, succulents, bonsai, bouquets, biennials, bulbs, perennials, shrubs, coniferous, vines, botanical, greenery, decoration, ikebana, botanical and pests.
Details : GardenGuides

Information and resources in an easy-to-use format. Features articles by expert gardeners across North America.
Details : Information Resources
Information Resources

Extensive guides covering aspects of agriculture, from the Virginia Cooperative Extension.
Details : The Gardener's Net
The Gardener's Net

Gardening community containing information and resources for gardening needs.
Details : Gardener's Path
Gardener's Path

Useful resource for garden enthusiasts featuring photos, garden planner, plant computer, and other online tools.
Details : Modern Arboriculture and Landscape Maintenance
Modern Arboriculture and Landscape Maintenance

Tree care information along with tree biology, tree and soil chemistry help, and organic tips.
Details : Oklahoma Gardening
Oklahoma Gardening

Details and notes from the latest episodes of the television show produced at Oklahoma State University.
Details : Permaweb

Information and links about permaculture, with a UK focus.
Details : Post Gazette
Post Gazette

Discussion about gardening, pests, and diseases.
Details : Southern Gardening
Southern Gardening

In-depth articles and weekly news and tips on gardening in the Deep South.
Details : 1st SPOT Gardening
1st SPOT Gardening

Web resources for gardening, gardening techniques, special flowers catalogs for gardeners, tips on indoor planting and famous gardens.
Details : : My Garden : My Garden

Articles about seed saving, small space gardening, urban gardening, and organic techniques.
Details : Northern Gardening
Northern Gardening

Resource for all gardeners, especially those in a cold climate.
Details : Online Gardening Guides
Online Gardening Guides

Resources including links to gardening web sites, advice, tips, and how-to articles.
Details : Plant Ideas
Plant Ideas

Discussion about indoor and outdoor plants.
Details : Plants for a Future
Plants for a Future

Large searchable database of edible and other plant varieties useful in gardens.
Details : Plants Toxic to Animals
Plants Toxic to Animals

Resources from the Veterinary Medicine Library.
Details : Scott's Botanical Links
Scott's Botanical Links

Links to preferred botanical sites.
Details :

Directory of gardening websites, including seeds, catalogs, greenhouses, tools, nurseries, flowers, vegetables, organic supplies.
Details : GardenInternet

Designed to help the horticultural trade maximize profits.
Details : The Meaning of Flowers
The Meaning of Flowers

Lists the symbolic meanings associated with many popular flowers.
Details : Missouri Horticulture Publications
Missouri Horticulture Publications

An extensive list of articles covering a range of topics including fruits, plants, landscaping and lawns.
Details : Wildlife Forever
Wildlife Forever

Guidance and photographs on creating and maintaining a garden or plot for wildlife.
Details : Stone Shovel
Stone Shovel

Personal gardens, artworks, and antiques.
Details : WeGrowIt

Offers plant enthusiasts, foresters, landscape architects, and gardeners a place to locate the plants and resources they need.
Details : This is Gardening
This is Gardening

Information on the gardening software entitled This Is Gardening.
Details : U.S. Frost Date Finder
U.S. Frost Date Finder

A guide to help estimate the average date on which to expect the last frost to occur in the U.S.
Details : Whitney Farms
Whitney Farms

Garden information and resources.
Details : Susan's Garden Patch
Susan's Garden Patch

Gardening assistance for beginners including shrubs, perennials, indoor plants.
Details : Mallorn Archived Email Lists
Mallorn Archived Email Lists

Archives of gardening-related mailing lists.
Details : Market Gardening Concepts
Market Gardening Concepts

Bulletins about how to be a successful market gardener.
Details : GardenSouthwest

Tips on caring for native and non-native plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits in the southwest. Sign up for a free newsletter.
Details : Greener Plants
Greener Plants

Articles and news covering a wide range of gardening topics.
Details : Hedgerows Garden Tapestry
Hedgerows Garden Tapestry

A Canadian gathering of garden clubs and societies' web pages.
Details : Home and Garden Information Center
Home and Garden Information Center

Factsheets from Clemson University on a range of gardening subjects including landscape, garden and indoor plants, insects, and plant diseases.
Details : Home and Garden Solutions
Home and Garden Solutions

Extensive information on lawn and garden care and pest control.
Details : Irrigation Design
Irrigation Design

Free step by step tutorial for designing an irrigation system.
Details : Last Resort
Last Resort

An index to plant and gardening databases, encyclopedias, glossaries, and dictionaries.
Details : GardenPower with Joe Sherinski
GardenPower with Joe Sherinski

Home gardening and lawn care tips, landscaping ideas, a free e-magazine, contests, and answers to visitors' e-mailed questions.
Details : Exotic Edibles
Exotic Edibles

Organically grown plants and information on how to make plants safe for people and their pets.
Details : David Tarrant on the Web
David Tarrant on the Web

David Tarrant, former host of CBC's Canadian Gardener, is now on the Internet, featuring gardening tips and his favourite plants.
Details : A Magick Garden
A Magick Garden

Articles on gardening, planning, herbs, water gardens, garden art and tips.
Details : The Green Line
The Green Line

News on gardening, health and nutrition from the University of Illinois Extension.
Details :

Gardening articles, information, exchange, humor, and shopping.
Details : A Gardener's Notebook
A Gardener's Notebook

Column and discussion group.
Details : The New York Botanical Garden Continuing Education
The New York Botanical Garden Continuing Education

Offers classes about plants, gardening, commercial horticulture and landscape design, botanical art, floral design, and botany.
Details :

Directory of plant and garden related topics, plus links to farmer's market lists.
Details : The Gardening Launch Pad
The Gardening Launch Pad

An extremely well organized extensive list of gardening sites.
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