Details : The Critic's Homepage
The Critic's Homepage

Reviews of current films and other media forms.
Details : Eric Harrison On Film
Eric Harrison On Film

Current movie reviews and essays by a film critic.
Details : Reviews Reviews

User-contributed reviews of recently released films.
Details : Cin3ma

Reviews of films currently in theaters and available for rent. Also features box office information and links.
Details : Cranky Critic
Cranky Critic

Review based strictly on their entertainment value. Cranky rates movies by the cost of a ticket.
Details : Dr. Muerte's Review Archive
Dr. Muerte's Review Archive

Reviews of independent films from an anti-pop-culture perspective.
Details : So I Saw This Movie
So I Saw This Movie

Reviews of current films and an archive of older reviews.
Details : Deep Focus
Deep Focus

Reviews and production details, listed alphabetically, by genre, or by letter grade.
Details : Crosswalk

Reviews of current theater releases from a Christian perspective.
Details : Drunken Fist: Movies
Drunken Fist: Movies

A collection of Rob Larsen's reviews and articles for independent, foreign, and Hollywood movies.
Details : Elvismatt

Film reviews by Matthew Shields.
Details : Filethirteen

Current and archived film reviews.
Details : My Reel Review
My Reel Review

Film reviews.
Details :

Reviews of theatrical and video releases.
Details : Xibological Movie Reviews
Xibological Movie Reviews

Xibo and his friends grade hundreds of movies from "A" to "F" and provide reviews. They may also accept your own reviews.
Details : Cinematter

Reviews of movies released since 1995. Includes a theatrical and video release dates database.
Details :

Criticism of current and past films, as well as essays and top 10 lists.
Details : Movie Reviews Movie Reviews

Current and past reviews by John Sylva, sorted alphabetically.
Details : Silver Screen Review
Silver Screen Review

Reviews of wide-release and DVD films, upcoming movie news, and links.
Details : Sleep Deprivation Institute - Reviews
Sleep Deprivation Institute - Reviews

Highly opinionated reviews of recent movies.
Details : Radio Free Movie Reviews
Radio Free Movie Reviews

Archived and latest written movie reviews. Includes plus and minus points.
Details : Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Cold Fusion Video Reviews

Alphabetized list of reviews from various years.
Details : The Celebrity Cafe: Movie Reviews
The Celebrity Cafe: Movie Reviews

Film reviews categorized by genre.
Details : Charisma Movie Review
Charisma Movie Review

Current and archived film reviews. User reviews welcome.
Details : Cinema In Focus
Cinema In Focus

Reviews from a sociological and spiritual point of view.
Details :

Reviews of classic and foreign films.
Details : The Reel McCoy
The Reel McCoy

Movie reviews by Patrick McCoy.
Details : Sex, Bullets and Popcorn
Sex, Bullets and Popcorn

Reviews of current and past films by Charles Schoellenbach.
Details : Cinephiles

Film reviews of new releases with a focused analysis and a comparative view within the world of cinema.
Details : moviereviews moviereviews

Movie reviews for old and new films and top ten lists. Differing opinions on most movies are published.
Details : The Film Chair
The Film Chair

Current and archived reviews and theater showtimes.
Details : Movie Reviews Movie Reviews

Alphabetized list of reviews. Each review includes film stills and recommendations. [Requires cookies]
Details : The Extreme Movie Watchers Club
The Extreme Movie Watchers Club

Archived reviews categorized by genre, as well as articles and related links.
Details : Film-Buff Movie Reviews
Film-Buff Movie Reviews

Current and archived movie reviews, rating system details, trivia games, and links.
Details : Date Movies
Date Movies

Reviews films based on how suitable they are for romantic dates.
Details : Film Reviews
Film Reviews

Reviews of current movies. Individual critiques include a summary, first impressions, and recommendations.
Details : The Dead Projectionist
The Dead Projectionist

Criticism, personal commentary, and reviews on film and DVD.
Details :

Archived film reviews. Includes a list of film recommendations.
Details : C. N. Taylor Movie Reviews
C. N. Taylor Movie Reviews

Reviews current and past movies. Each review features several still images from the film.
Details : Cozzi Fan Tutti Celluloid Musings
Cozzi Fan Tutti Celluloid Musings

Film reviews from a psychoanalytic perspective. Features current and archived reviews, forums, and links.
Details : Dark Horizons
Dark Horizons

Includes reviews and script reviews from this site and linked into from this site.
Details : BigSpeeg's Movie Reviews
BigSpeeg's Movie Reviews

Reviews of new and classic films, as well as video rentals. Also includes interviews, polls, forums, and links.
Details : Ain't It Cool News
Ain't It Cool News

Archive of reviews by critic Harry Knowles.
Details : Film Fodder
Film Fodder

Reviews of current films graded on a letter scale. Also includes message boards.
Details : Gerald Peary - Film Reviews
Gerald Peary - Film Reviews

Reviews for contemporary independent films.
Details : Gorilla Pants Movie Reviews
Gorilla Pants Movie Reviews

Includes current films, archives and lists of related movies.
Details : The Flick Filosopher
The Flick Filosopher

Reviews of current and classic films, including every best picture Oscar winner.
Details :

Features reviews of the way films portray women, as well as an interview with a Seattle director.
Details : Empire Magazine: Film Reviews
Empire Magazine: Film Reviews

A database of film reviews from a UK film magazine.
Details : Joe's Movie Mutterings
Joe's Movie Mutterings

Reviews and criticism of mainstream films by Joe Wong.
Details : Joey the Film Geek
Joey the Film Geek

Current and past reviews, commentary on cinema, and top ten lists.
Details : John and Dawn's Movies
John and Dawn's Movies

Reviews and ratings, listed alphabetically. Each review includes reviewers' favourite quotes from the film.
Details : Kids in Mind
Kids in Mind

Reviews based on the amount of sex, nudity, violence, gore, and profanity in mainstream films.
Details : Man Who Viewed Too Much
Man Who Viewed Too Much

Archived reviews of current and past mainstream, independent, and foreign films.
Details : Mark Reviews Movies
Mark Reviews Movies

Film reviews and criticism by Mark Dujsik.
Details : Matt's Movie Reviews
Matt's Movie Reviews

Alphabetized archive of reviews by critic Matt Easterbrook.
Details : Metacritic

Compares reviews between critics. Rating based on a weighted average of various individual reviews for that film.
Details : Movie Den
Movie Den

Reviews of classic, horror, current release, and DVD films.
Details : Movie Guru
Movie Guru

Reviews and ratings based on how much the film is worth paying for, in the opinion of the author.
Details : Movie Lens
Movie Lens

First users must rate some movies they have watched before. Based on this users get a personal rating prediction for other films. [Login required]
Details :

Current and archived film reviews from a UK-based magazine.
Details : Flaming Movie Reviews
Flaming Movie Reviews

Each review comments on and rates actual content, enjoyment and casting. Includes reviewer profiles and reviewing system page.
Details : Greenwich Village Gazzette: Movie Reviews
Greenwich Village Gazzette: Movie Reviews

Current and archived film reviews by Eric Lurio.
Details : The Guys Movie Reviews
The Guys Movie Reviews

Films are rated according to whether they were worth the money or not, and reviewed. Also includes children's reviews.
Details : Haro Online
Haro Online

Haro and Mongoose review mainstream, foreign, and independent movies.
Details : His and Her Movie Picks
His and Her Movie Picks

A married couple rates their favorite 100 movies and also reviews AFI's top 100 movies.
Details : Movie Reviews Movie Reviews

List of reviews for recently released films, sorted by rating.
Details : The Horse
The Horse

Pre- and post-release reviews as well as festival specials.
Details : Houston Press Online: Film
Houston Press Online: Film

Full and capsule reviews of current and past films.
Details : IGN FilmForce: Reviews
IGN FilmForce: Reviews

Reviews of current films.
Details : Teen Movie Reviews
Teen Movie Reviews

Allows users to add a movie review as well as search though other users' reviews.
Details : That Cow Reviews
That Cow Reviews

Read and submit reviews on current and past movies.
Details : Three Movie Buffs
Three Movie Buffs

Reviews of theatre and video films, box office charts, movie news, and other related information.
Details : Two For The Show
Two For The Show

Husband and wife movie lovers review movies with a unique rating system.
Details : txreviews

New and archived movie reviews.
Details : Urban Cinefile
Urban Cinefile

Reviews of current movies, interviews, trailers and features for filmgoers.
Details : Video Reviews by Joan Ellis
Video Reviews by Joan Ellis

Search from a list of movie and video reviews by title or by single quotes.
Details : Critical Mass Movie Reviews
Critical Mass Movie Reviews

Reviews of current releases by T.C. Candler. Also includes an archive of films rated by letter grade, actor profiles, and cross-sections of film ratings from various critics.
Details : MovieProp

Movie reviews broken down by genre and highly specific subcategories such as War: Vietnam, Sci-fi: Alien Abduction, Action: Boxing.
Details : Projections

Film reviews by people who write about films for enjoyment.
Details : Projectorbooth

Current film reviews.
Details : Psychotronic Movie Madness
Psychotronic Movie Madness

Reviews of psychotronic movies, complete with an explanation of the psychotronic genre.
Details : Ross Anthony's Hollywood Report Card
Ross Anthony's Hollywood Report Card

Movie reviews and interviews by Ross Anthony.
Details : Planet Sick-Boy
Planet Sick-Boy

Film and video reviews, release schedules and weekly giveaways.
Details :

Reviews of films currently in theatres and on video, rated on a percentage scale. Includes still images.
Details : MovieNutz

New movie reviews and film sales.
Details :

Searchable database of mainstream, independent and foreign film reviews.
Details : Physics in Movies
Physics in Movies

Reviews of various Hollywood films examining plot details from a physics standpoint. Features archive of reviews, links, and user comments.
Details : Proudest Monkeys
Proudest Monkeys

The Proudest Monkeys showcases the Critics Corner, a comprehensive list of the latest movie reviews.
Details : Qwipster's Movie Reviews
Qwipster's Movie Reviews

Film reviews from around the world, old and new.
Details : Roger Ebert on Movies
Roger Ebert on Movies

Movie reviews from Roger Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times Online.
Details : Rohznuka Online
Rohznuka Online

Features movie reviews, entertainment editorials, annual film awards, links, and a top one hundred list.
Details : Movie Reviews Movie Reviews

Includes the latest movie reviews along with reviews by Rolling Stone magazine's Peter Travers.
Details : Indie Review
Indie Review

Reviews of the latest Hollywood and independent films.
Details : Movie Reviews in Hinde Sight
Movie Reviews in Hinde Sight

Includes reviews linked from the same page in order of genre. Reviews include image and sound samples.
Details : Movie Talk 101
Movie Talk 101

Reviews of new releases and video rentals by a film school student.
Details : Movie Vault
Movie Vault

Current and archived reviews, industry news, interviews, and related links.
Details : Seniority Movie Reviews
Seniority Movie Reviews

Reader-contributed reviews of current and older films.
Details : Serbian Cinemaniac
Serbian Cinemaniac

Alphabetized list of reviews by Igor Stanojevic.
Details : The Warren Report: Movie Reviews
The Warren Report: Movie Reviews

Alphabetized list of film reviews meant to be read after the reader has already seen the movie.
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