Details : AllSportRunning

Provides online registration, extensive event calendars, sortable results, forums, and online event co-ordination/promotion services.
Details : Athletes World
Athletes World

A world of running information. Event calendar and results, list of clubs and links, resources and site hosting.
Details : Dr. Pribut's Sports Page
Dr. Pribut's Sports Page

Running injuries information.
Details :

Running resource for registering online for thousands of running races nationwide and internationally; training tips, live chats with elite runners, and personalized workouts for beginner as well as elite athletes.
Details : Marathon Training
Marathon Training

The marathon training web page.
Details : Fit 4 U
Fit 4 U

An interactive training program for 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathons with demonstration, training tools and related links.
Details : Coach

A personalized training program by a former World Record holder and Olympian with a sample program, sign-up information, a biography and coaching advice.
Details : Time-to-Run

Articles from nutritionists, physiotherapists, coaches, sports doctors, exercise physiologists, massage therapists and a calendar of events around the world.
Details : United States Corporate Athletics Association
United States Corporate Athletics Association

Regional and national running events, with news items, past results, pictures, officer listing and contacts.
Details : USATF Road Running Information Center
USATF Road Running Information Center

News, records, measurement, running circuits.
Details : Run the Distance
Run the Distance

Created by runners for runners. A full-service running website for information, advice, tips, and running and jogging gear and merchandise.
Details : Run Walk
Run Walk

Running and event calendars and results. Free event listing, free results listing and free online registration. 4 year training log.
Details : Run-Down

Extensive running links, free monthly contests with numerous prizes, training information, injury prevention tips, discussion forums, results and events, training partner locator, and discussion forum.
Details : Momentum Sports
Momentum Sports

Provides online running training for all distances from sprinters to marathon runners. Also give information on weights, circuits, stretching, nutrition, recommended venues for training and racing, books.
Details :

Everything about running: training, races, starting out, clubs, women's running, health, chat, tips, marathons, 10Ks, and half marathons.
Details : Road Racing Prize Money
Road Racing Prize Money

Comprehensive guide to road races, track and field meets, triathlons and duathlons offering prize money awards.
Details :

An online community for competitive runners to meet, record training and race results, discuss, measure-up performances, and improve. Live coaching, health advice, message boards, a comprehensive log, and a PR database.
Details :

Allows to find and rate places to run anywhere in the world and to list the favorite places to run.
Details : World Runners
World Runners

An organization of runners committed to the advancement of health, prosperity, and peace with events listing, membership details, race results and charity participation.
Details :

A running forum and regular scheduled chats 8:00 ET Mondays and Wednesdays.
Details : - Running - Running

News articles, searchable events listing, training and health information.
Details : Runnerkid

Results, schedules/calendars, photos. Running news and stories, articles by other runners. News, fitness information, links, teams, races, gear, schools, disciplines.
Details : Runners Source
Runners Source

A source for running in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Race listings, entry forms, clubs, trails, and maps.
Details : The Running Network
The Running Network

News, calendar, results, running links, and shoe review.
Details : Marathon Guide
Marathon Guide

Many categories for discussions related to marathon running.
Details : RunChat

This is basically a html forum that constantly refreshes so that you can see what is currently being posted. There are scheduled chats you can find out about by send an email to the webmaster.
Details : Run-Down

A popular forum with many posts and many categories.
Details : The Runner's Corner
The Runner's Corner

This site was designed to target serious runners from all parts of the world. A few new posts appear every month.
Details :

A few different categories and weekly posts.
Details : Cool Running
Cool Running

News and fitness information for runners of all ages.
Details :

Information on training, NCAA running, and running news. Interactive section to share opinions or ask questions on running.
Details : Joe Henderson's Running Commentary
Joe Henderson's Running Commentary

A weekly commentary on running and track and field. By Runners' World author Joe Henderson. The site includes a biography, books, and links.
Details : Kid's Running Online
Kid's Running Online

All about kid's running, with activities, news, photos, and training advice.
Details : New England Runner
New England Runner

News items, regional events and information, race applications, electronic newsletter and a physical magazine subscription information.
Details : Onrunning

Information for every runner: athletics headlines, practical running advice, race entry forms and the View From Kit Shop.
Details :

Online source for long distance runners.
Details : Racestats

Links to races, news coverage with results and descriptions of various running events.
Details : Running4

Semi-popular forum with training, racing, racing results, and injury categories.
Details : Running Network
Running Network

This general running forum is active daily.
Details : TrackTalk Discussion Board
TrackTalk Discussion Board

A forum for track and field fans worldwide. A few new posts show up on this message board every month.
Details : Trifuel - swim, bike, run
Trifuel - swim, bike, run

The intended topic of discussion is run training for racing and triathlons.
Details :

Individual and team based training logs that can be used via a web browser or handheld pda. News, message board, and links.
Details :

Covering the NCAA division III south/southeast region with news items, upcoming events, championship information, past results and related links.
Details : The Staten Island Runner
The Staten Island Runner

Race applications, results, editorial columns, forums and events listing for Staten Island runners.
Details : Accelerate Your Game
Accelerate Your Game

Provides sports training services for teams and individuals. References, camp information, pictures and links.
Details : Altitude Training
Altitude Training

The Colorado Altitude Training homepage gives evidence of the effectiveness and provides information on how to apply for an altitude-training holiday.
Details : Always Running Personal Conditioning Center
Always Running Personal Conditioning Center

Our Goal is to provide premium coaching, training and education to runners of all abilities. From those who have never run, to those who have always run.
Details : - Running Program - Running Program

Article with tips on starting a running program, using a variety of running surfaces and hydration.
Details : Chuckit

The program consists of weekday schedules geared toward self-training, a weekly group long-run plan, and a weekly group speed/interval workout. Sessions meet in Seattle and Redmond, Washington.
Details : Running Resources
Running Resources

Articles concerning nutrition and training, quotations and motivation.
Details : Running Wild
Running Wild

Articles on warming up, stretching, strength exercises, diet and sleepin.
Details : RunOrgy

An online logging program that allows the user to set goals, and track races. Also contains message boards and group features for teams to communicate.
Details : Science Sportsware Training Software
Science Sportsware Training Software

Polar compatible training diary for running, cycling or triathlon. Download free programs or use online tools. Motivational quotes, links and training programs.
Details : Sport & Performances
Sport & Performances

To understand, manage or improve sport performances: physiology of sport, performances analysis, PC solutions, estimation of VO2max.
Details :

An online coaching site that customizes the Oregon Running system made famous by Alberto Salazar, Bill Dellinger, Mary Decker-Slaney and the late Steve Prefontaine. Coaches, events, programs, and gear.
Details : Runner's Oasis
Runner's Oasis

Equipment, nutrition and techniques for high school runners.
Details : Runner's World Online
Runner's World Online

This site contains daily news in the world of running as well as training & racing tips, injury prevention, beginner's workouts, gear, and race listings throughout the US.
Details : RunnersGoal Personal Coaching Services
RunnersGoal Personal Coaching Services

Training schedules, online training diary, question and answer service, women's advice.
Details : Running Buzz
Running Buzz

Professional online coaching for elite and amateur runners. Training camps, speaking engagements and race director resources.
Details : 4runners

Running shoes, magazines, road race information, track and field sites, and running clubs. Information for runners throughout the web.
Details : The Runner's Schedule
The Runner's Schedule

The runners guide to road racing. Race calendar, race results from, list of event and timing companies, clubs, and running links.
Details : Runners Web
Runners Web

Dedicated to running in the UK, including club directory, training diaries, advice, pace calculators, book reviews and message boards.
Details : Running USA
Running USA

The official Running USA and USATF Distance Running Site. Offers events calendar, media center, results, rankings and records, administration and links.
Details : Running with
Running with

A runner's source for running, training information, racing tips, and race registration. From 5k races to marathons, one of the largest running and fitness resource on the web.
Details :

Offers a full range of information, advice, and links for running and jogging information.
Details : Running/Jogging from
Running/Jogging from

Guide offers regular features, forums and chat as well as nearly 500 tested links to training tips, running gear, hashing, trail running, youth, masters, for the ladies, and ultra running.
Details : Running and Racing
Running and Racing

For long distance and semi long distance runners, coaches and athletism clubs.
Details : The Running Log
The Running Log

Allows the user to record, review and analyze running, biking, and swimming workouts. Requires a free membership.
Details : Running Page
Running Page

Product reviews, running information, discussions.
Details : Running Past
Running Past

Dedicated to the history of running and running memorabila. Offers articles about running events and presents autographed items, posters, and collectibles for purchase.
Details : Running the Planet
Running the Planet

From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, the site offers descriptions of where to run and walk in the cities of the whole world, as told by the locals. Helpful for travelers, trip planners and travel agents.
Details : Running Fit
Running Fit

Fitness advice for long distance runners
Details : Running Injuries - Stephen M. Pribut, D.P.M.,
Running Injuries - Stephen M. Pribut, D.P.M.,

Contains a glossary of injuries, articles, advice, and shoe tips. Based in Washington, D.C., United States.
Details : Running Planet
Running Planet

Training tips, articles, news items, health information and on-line coaching.
Details : Hal Higdon Online
Hal Higdon Online

Hal Higdon, writer for Runners World magazine, answers commonly asked questions and provides a wide range of training programs to improve the fitness of athletes of all levels.
Details :

Requires registration. Online training log with running calculators and recommendations.
Details : Jogging

Jogging is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to get fit and healthy. Articles about jogging for sport and fitness.
Details : 10K and 5K Running, Training and Racing Advice
10K and 5K Running, Training and Racing Advice

David Holt shows five stages of training to run 5K and 10K. Base mileage and fartlek training, hill running, anaerobic threshold running and VO2 maximum training.
Details : 10k Truth - A Runner's Compendium
10k Truth - A Runner's Compendium

Commentary on aspects of the sport, training information, races listing and race descriptions.
Details : Kip Keino High Altitude Training Centre
Kip Keino High Altitude Training Centre

Located in Eldoret, Kenya with registration information, lodging details, charity opportunities and related links.
Details : LA Leggers Inc.
LA Leggers Inc.

The premier Southern California marathon training program, founded in 1989 by Bob Scott and based on the running principles of Olympian Jeff Galloway.
Details : Marathon Trainer
Marathon Trainer

This site offers three sorts of training programs tailor made to suit individual athletes and make them better marathon runners.
Details : American Running Association
American Running Association

A nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and supporting runners. Provides useful suggestions and resources.
Details : Canuck Runner
Canuck Runner

Provides a listing of races in the United States and Canada, training information, related links and injury prevention tips.
Details : Dead Runners Society
Dead Runners Society

A discussion group about running. The group is informal and social and they all try to encourage each other in their running programs. They talk about everything related to running, from meditation to marathons.
Details : Sport Dimensions
Sport Dimensions

Includes training information, products, a description of services and an introduction to programs offered.
Details :

Contains brief articles on various distances of running, fartleks, and training plans.
Details : SportsMedWeb

An information source for sports medicine.
Details : Stretching and Flexibility
Stretching and Flexibility

Everything one ever wanted to know about stretching and flexibility.
Details : Training and Racing
Training and Racing

Runner's World Online's Training and Racing section includes links to several training programs, workout advice, and race calendars, including resources for race directors.
Details : Way Cool Running
Way Cool Running

A running web page for kids. Includes training regimens and information to get children started in running.
Details : Weight Vest Training
Weight Vest Training

An original idea for improving running strength. The weight vest does just what it says.
Details : Women's Running
Women's Running

Specially designed for women, this site is dedicated to encouraging women of all ages to begin running and get fit.
Details : The Medical Tent
The Medical Tent

Information for the endurance athlete with articles, training tips, nutrition and stretching details.
Details :

Program where a training coach is assigned to the user based on previous experience with news items, coaching profiles, race listing, registration details and career opportunities.
Details : New Runner
New Runner

A step-by-step guide designed for the beginner or novice runner.
Details : Orlando Fit
Orlando Fit

Marathon, half-marathon training for walkers and runners of all fitness and ability levels with seminars, registration details, contacts, discussion board and pictures.
Details : Peak Performance Online
Peak Performance Online

A Sport Science website for athletes, trainers and coaches of all disciplines - devoted to improving stamina, strength and fitness and the treatment of sports injury.
Details :

Free online exercise diary with graphs, reports and multi-user clubs.
Details : Pose Tech
Pose Tech

Contains a listing of training services provided, message board, video for purchase, a description of the training method and equipment.
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