Details : Aeroplane Records
Aeroplane Records

Shipping world wide from Tasmania. Features guaranteed secondhand CDs and LPs.
Details :

Rare and collectable vinyl and CDs from the UK, featuring Indie and Rock.
Details : Adrians Records
Adrians Records

Britain's independent music store. Stock over 40, 000 titles. Export to all over the world.
Details : American Pie
American Pie

Music from the 40s to the 90s. Catalog features original recordings on CD and 45 of rock, pop, country, R&B and big band artists.
Details : Bandhits

Collection of hard to find vinyl and CDs from the UK.
Details : Homemade Music
Homemade Music

CDs and other recordings created by recording artists around the world. Free magazine and catalog, samplers, news of activities and an open community of artists.
Details :

Buy and sell new and secondhand CDs online. Based in Oxford, UK with worldwide shipping.
Details : Best Price CDs
Best Price CDs

Sells only the top 200 CDs at the lowest cost. All CDs are in stock.
Details : Reflex CD
Reflex CD

Newcastle, England shop where everything listed is in stock and shipped within 24 hours.
Details : SongSearch

Over 250,000 music titles including thousands of imports and hard-to-find items. New special order catalog.
Details : Tuesday Records
Tuesday Records

Record and CD sales from a private collector in the UK. Includes rare 80s and 90s Indie Pop items by such artists as Spacemen 3, Sisters of Mercy, and REM.
Details : Strangelove Records
Strangelove Records

Rare Japanese discs (CD, vinyl, cassette) and memorabilia. Mainly deals in 80s and 90s British and American indie / alternative / pop music.
Details : Smogtown Records
Smogtown Records

Thousands of collectable CDs, promos, and vinyl.
Details : Red Trumpet
Red Trumpet

Collectible and premium quality CDs and LPs, pre-owned vinyl. Specializing in complete artist collections and jazz reissues.
Details : Soundwaves

A Houston-based independent music chain, selling rap, rock, rhythm and blues, dance, and world music.
Details : Music Millennium
Music Millennium

Over 300,000 titles available for purchase online in CD, tape and vinyl.
Details : Surplus Records
Surplus Records

Catalog of overruns, cutouts, and out of print titles of all formats.
Details : Twist and Shout
Twist and Shout

An independent music store in Denver, Colorado. Thousands of CDs culled from eclectic sources all over the world. Imports, rarities and hard-to-find items.
Details : Sony Music Direct
Sony Music Direct

CDs and music DVDs, from hundreds of Sony artists.
Details : Degyshop

Worldwide distribution, music networking, online booking, and membership discounts.
Details : Diaz Records
Diaz Records

CDs and vinyls disc, 33 rpm 45 rpm 10 inches new or used in different styles.
Details : CyberMusic Surplus
CyberMusic Surplus

Outlet store for classical, jazz pop, world, new age and blues.
Details :

CDs, music videos, and band recordings. Alternative music, blues, heavy metal, jazz, pop, rock, soundtracks, and soul.
Details : Vinyl Destiny Records
Vinyl Destiny Records

5 decades of music available for sale by mail order from the UK.
Details : Time Records
Time Records

Independent music store in Colchester, England, selling CDs, vinyl, and clothing including hoodies and T-shirts.
Details : USA Black Entertainment
USA Black Entertainment

Buy R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel, Blues,and Reggae CDs.
Details :

Offering overstock, out of print, promo CDs and collectable CDs.
Details : Bonus Trax
Bonus Trax

US-based online music store specializing in imports, CD singles, and radio shows.
Details : Brassneck Music
Brassneck Music

UK CD store specialising mainly in CD singles.
Details : British Beat Merchant Co.
British Beat Merchant Co.

Collectable records and CDs for Rock n Roll lovers.
Details : BSC Music
BSC Music

CDs in a range of styles from guitar music, ambient, electronic, world, jazz to new age instrumental.
Details :

Clearinghouse for independent record stores in the USA. Buy and sell new and used rock, jazz, hip hop and techno. Search multiple stores at once.
Details :

Discounted imports, cut-outs, surplus CDs. Audio samples, reviews. Secure credit card transactions.
Details : CDisland

Closeout prices on out of print and promotional CDs. Alternative, independent, punk, rap, and techno.
Details : CDs and Vinyl LPs
CDs and Vinyl LPs

Private collector selling and trading recordings.
Details : Krazy Bob's
Krazy Bob's

Records, tapes, CDs, movies, video games and comics.
Details : La Seranne
La Seranne

More than 30,000 recordings available in vinyl and CD from France.
Details : Abbey Music
Abbey Music

CD and vinyl records store based in the UK.
Details : Absolute Music
Absolute Music

English and Asian CDs and VCDs.
Details : Adam Records
Adam Records

A collection of British indie rock vinyl, CDs, and cassettes.
Details : Forever Oldies Music
Forever Oldies Music

Offering music from the 50's and 60's on CD and cassette.
Details : Frankie's One Stop
Frankie's One Stop

CDs or cassettes; various pop genres. (Shreveport, LA)
Details : Ginger Records
Ginger Records

Private collection of records and CDs for sale by a UK dealer. Mainly Indie, rock, pop music.
Details : The Music Safe
The Music Safe

Netherlands based CD store featuring local artists.
Details : HHO

Features a selection of CDs, DVDs, videos, books, and accessories from the UK.
Details : Hoodlums Music
Hoodlums Music

Buy or sell CDs on the campus of Arizona State University.
Details : DMA Music Store
DMA Music Store

Online retail store features CDs and Tapes of select artists. Some free mp3 samples available.
Details : Dogwood Hill Collectors' Gallery
Dogwood Hill Collectors' Gallery

Pop genres on vinyl, CDs and cassettes. Rare records, sale items and autographed albums.
Details :

UK based CD retailer offering top hits and a bargain bin.
Details : Mean Mountain Music
Mean Mountain Music

Oldie 45s, 8tracks, and CDs with music from the 1940s, 50s and 60s; rock, country, blues, surf, easy listening and doo wop. Also posters and books.
Details : Memory Lane Records
Memory Lane Records

Specialize in out of print records, tapes, and CDs. Searchable database of over 100,000 unique items in stock.
Details : Local Music Store
Local Music Store

Features 100s of independent artists with Realaudio.
Details : MacroMusic

CDs, tapes and merchandise. Browse the CD engine.
Details : MainStreet CD
MainStreet CD

Music store and record company, offering their own and other independent artists.
Details : Matt's Records
Matt's Records

Site for your music needs. Specializing in Vinyl and CDs.
Details : Windmill Music
Windmill Music

Offers a selection of music on CD.
Details : Wishing Well Entertainment
Wishing Well Entertainment

Specializing in out of print and hard to find music. Free search service for any music related items.
Details : Midnight Records
Midnight Records

Music, CDs, vinyl, rock, roll, 50's, 60's, 70's, Blues, R&B, Independent recordings. Collector's editions, imports, reissues and limited editions.
Details : Vinyl Vibes UK
Vinyl Vibes UK

Selection of vinyl and CDs, with a focus on dance music.
Details :

Features an online music fair with over half a million items from several UK dealers.
Details : VS Music
VS Music

Compact discs including discounts.
Details : Waterloo Records and Tapes
Waterloo Records and Tapes

Provide a large and diverse selection of music from every genre and style.
Details :

Canada-based store selling CDs, vinyl, and tapes.
Details : DVD Music Online
DVD Music Online

Music videos, concerts, and classical performances on DVD and DVD-Audio.
Details : DVD4Music

Music titles on DVD (regions 1, 2 and no region) including new releases and pre-owned titles.
Details : Record and Tape Traders
Record and Tape Traders

New and used CDs, in multiple locations in Greater Baltimore.
Details : OnlinePOP

Over 800,000 music cds from Pop, Rock, Indie to Classical, Jazz and Blues from the UK.
Details : Pat Boone's Gold Label
Pat Boone's Gold Label

Offers a selection of music CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes.
Details : Peppermint Music
Peppermint Music

Large selection of new titles and the hard to find deep catalog titles.
Details : Platten Galerie
Platten Galerie

Hundreds of rare vinyl records (LPs, 12" and 7"), CDs and all kind of cartridges by mail order. In German and English.
Details : Poptrash Cds and Vinyl
Poptrash Cds and Vinyl

Mail order CDs and Videos specialising in new and used collectable compact discs, imports, limited editions, rarities and promos.
Details : Pulsession

Vinyls, CDs, mp3s (direct labels), live DJ mixes and radio emissions. Site based in Paris.
Details : Quirked Music
Quirked Music

Online music store with CDs and tapes.
Details : Rasputin Music
Rasputin Music

Independent music store selling new and used stock, located on the US West Coast.
Details : Record Collector / Mojos
Record Collector / Mojos

Ireland store selling rare and collectibles CDs and vinyl, DVDs, etc. For the collector who thinks he has everything.
Details : Record Village
Record Village

CDs, cassettes, and memorabilia; classic and new albums and artists. Based in North Lincolnshire, UK.
Details :

Online ordering for CDs, LPs and 45s.
Details : Red Moon
Red Moon

Vinyl records on long playing, 7", 12", compact discs and CD singles. New and second hand items; based in Italy.
Details : Just for the Record
Just for the Record

Thousands of new and used LPs and CDs, featuring audiophile and collectable records.
Details : Karma Music
Karma Music

Buy CD recordings, get concert information and reviews.(Indiana)
Details : Crash Records
Crash Records

Online sales from the Leeds, England record shop.
Details : Dead End Records
Dead End Records

Selection of rare vinyl records, CDs, videos, and magazines.
Details : Dimple Records
Dimple Records

Northern California's music outlet for new, used and local music as well as video games, novelties and tickets.
Details : Subculture Music
Subculture Music

Rare and hard to find CDs, records, and memorabilia focusing on alternative, 80s and 90s music.
Details : Subliminal Sounds
Subliminal Sounds

Vinyl and CDs from Sweden, featuring in Psych and Exotica.
Details : Cosmic Cowboy Compact Discs
Cosmic Cowboy Compact Discs

CDs, as well as posters, memorabilia, videos, and tour books.
Details : CVC Collectables
CVC Collectables

Import CDs, vinyl records, books, radio shows, and music videotapes and uncoded DVDs; specializing in rock and pop.
Details : Daedalus Music
Daedalus Music

Selection of CDs in classical, jazz, opera, swing, world, and blues.
Details : DAVE - Direct Audio Video Express
DAVE - Direct Audio Video Express

Shop online for CDs by genre, artist, or browse the list of current hits and bestsellers.
Details : Deep Discount CD
Deep Discount CD

Large selection of compact discs.
Details : Digital Music Archives
Digital Music Archives

Electronic, Improvised, Classical and World CDs with mp3 clips.
Details : Dimar

International mail order service based in Italy. Over 30 years' experience. Thousands of new LPs, 45s, tapes, and CDs of all genres.
Details : Disc Exchange
Disc Exchange

Store and mail-order information for this Knoxville, Tenn., based independent retailer.
Details :

New and used; buy, sell, and trade CDs.
Details : Venue, The
Venue, The

Rare and collectable CDs from the UK.
Details : Road Records
Road Records

Irish online music store specializing in alternative, indie, postrock, electronica, reggae, and punk.
Details :

Complete catalogs of the Munster, PopLlama, and RockBoss labels; band links, MP3 and streaming audio.
Details : Rockhouse Music Mail Express
Rockhouse Music Mail Express

Holland-based, started in 1973, over 800,000 items available.
Details : Round Flat Records
Round Flat Records

Underground music. Vinyl, compact discs, cassettes and t-shirts.
Details : Nijinski

Collector now offering lots of goodies for like minded addicts. Vinyl, CDs, and memorabilia.
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