Details : Snakes and Such
Snakes and Such

Snake humor, future snake owner's questionnaire, and lots of herp links.
Details : SuperSnakes

Free snake keeping information and the world's one and only Genetics Wizard!
Details : Aussie Pythons and Snakes
Aussie Pythons and Snakes

Community for snake, python and reptile enthusiasts.
Details :

Captive husbandry and reproductive behavior of Corallus hortulanus, Corallus caninus, and Atheris species.
Details : Zack's Snake Page
Zack's Snake Page

Pet snake information and pictures.
Details : Sciensational Sssnakes
Sciensational Sssnakes

Provides hands-on education about reptiles and amphibians for the young and the young at heart.
Details : David Kershaw Captive Bred Snakes
David Kershaw Captive Bred Snakes

Specializing in the various color morphs of corn snake. Includes care sheets and links.
Details : NeoSlither

Discussion group/mailing list that is devoted to the keeping, care and breeding of snakes.
Details : Simon's Snake Website
Simon's Snake Website

A website dedicated to educating new and beginning snake owners.
Details : Snake Lovers
Snake Lovers

Information on various snakes and reptiles.
Details : Herps R Us
Herps R Us

Overview of boas and pythons, colubrids, elapids and viperidae.
Details : Snake Encounters
Snake Encounters

Education and entertainment roadshow featuring live snakes from around the world. [Lancaster, TX]
Details : The Boa Kingdom
The Boa Kingdom

Photos and care sheets for amazon tree boas, emerald tree boas, tree boa forum, rainbow boas, savu pythons, mandarin rat snakes, Ridleyi's cave dwelling ratsnakes, albino Florida pinesnakes, beauty snakes, royal diadems, cornsnakes, grey banded kingsnakes, and a variety of other pages pertaining to snakekeeping topics.
Details : Herps UK
Herps UK

A site all about snakes with information, pictures, links and sales.
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