Details : Prelude2Cinema

Digital Movie Company producing unique, bold, indie flicks. Site contains Flash photo galleries, contests, games and a free newsletter.
Details : Iron Fist Motion Pictures
Iron Fist Motion Pictures

The official website, pioneers of digital filmmaking since 1989.
Details : Farewell Studios
Farewell Studios

The largest clearspan film studio spaces in Toronto.
Details : Pinewood Studios - THE European film & TV production centre
Pinewood Studios - THE European film & TV production centre

Film & TV production centre with a variety of stages, digital television studio, locations, tank and production services.
Details : Flint Hills Studio
Flint Hills Studio

A fully equipped production facility for the producer on a tight budget.
Details : Dreamdancer Motion Pictures
Dreamdancer Motion Pictures

Motion picture, video and media production arts studio for visual effects and independent film.
Details : DreamWorks Pictures
DreamWorks Pictures

Official studio site.
Details : Mandalay Entertainment
Mandalay Entertainment

Official site
Details : Fox Studios Online
Fox Studios Online

Directory of services, production facilities, set construction for film and television.
Details :

Official site. Information on all aspects and areas of the Fox Broadcasting Company.
Details : The Farm Studio
The Farm Studio

Sound stage and studio for film and video production, shoot your film, commercial, video, TV show, in a facility complete with sets for rent.
Details : Fox Movies
Fox Movies

Official studio web site.
Details : Horizon Films
Horizon Films

Provides up-and-coming filmmakers with free rental of digital filmmaking equipment and free production assistance.
Details : Jersey Films
Jersey Films

Official studio site.
Details : Imax Ltd.
Imax Ltd.

The official web site of the large-format film company.
Details : Fine Line Features
Fine Line Features

A leading distributor of independent films, such as 'Shine,' 'Hoop Dreams,' 'The Player,' and others.
Details : Miramax Films
Miramax Films

Official Site
Details : JG Films
JG Films

Internet movie studio featuring digital entertainment.
Details : New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

Official site
Details : Madstone Films
Madstone Films

home to the next generation of new filmmakers, collaboratively making innovative films for the world to see.
Details : Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Information on current and previous movies, and corporate information. Official site.
Details : Midnight Pictures
Midnight Pictures

Independent horror and sci-fi film-makers from Northern Ireland.
Details : Lions Gate Entertainment
Lions Gate Entertainment

Develops, produces and distributes a wide range of film and television content, in both North America and around the world.
Details : New Planet Pictures
New Planet Pictures

Indie film studio in the south motivated to help beginning filmmakers and other talents gain experience.
Details : Oberon Entertainment
Oberon Entertainment

An expedition in search of profits through imagination.
Details : October Films
October Films

Official site
Details : Orion Pictures
Orion Pictures

Official site
Details : Overseas Filmgroup & First Look Pictures
Overseas Filmgroup & First Look Pictures

A leading worldwide distributor and production company of independent films.
Details : Agamemnon Films
Agamemnon Films

Producion company established in 1981 by Charlton and Fraser Heston. Site provides details of past and present projects.
Details : Atlas Corporation Studios
Atlas Corporation Studios

Studios in Morocco, located at the entrance of Ouarzazate.
Details : Broadview Media
Broadview Media

Minneapolis and Chicago production studios for movies, television, radio, and the internet.
Details : Castle Rock Entertainment
Castle Rock Entertainment

Detals of current and previous movies produced, and company information.
Details : Chucklehound Entertainment
Chucklehound Entertainment

Free online short films, downloadable music, and information about other projects.
Details : DaWa Movies
DaWa Movies

Film and production studios located in Los Angeles and New York.
Details : Ashen Films
Ashen Films

Develops and produces feature length motion pictures for eventual distribution.
Details : Becker Entertainment
Becker Entertainment

Originates programming and produces third party projects for worldwide broadcasting.
Details : Big Shot Films
Big Shot Films

Independent small filmmakers in Central Ohio.
Details : Britshorts

Produces its own original work and sourcing existing short film materia. Streams short films and animations free of charge.
Details : VTI-Network Group of Companies.
VTI-Network Group of Companies.

Audio Production and Post-production, Portuguese Dubbing and Subtitles, 5.1 Surround mixing. TV Distribution and Production.
Details : Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

Official site.
Details : USA Films
USA Films

Has the blockbusters of the year and the academy award winning films.
Details : Vancouver Film Studios - Production Solutions
Vancouver Film Studios - Production Solutions

A full-service Film, Television, and Commercial production facility featuring production support, high-end sound stages, offices, and mill space in Vancouver, Canada.
Details : Zokalo Entertainment
Zokalo Entertainment

Jesus Nebot's independent production company specializing in producing character driven films with an appeal to the international market.
Details : Universal Studios Online
Universal Studios Online

Official site
Details : Edgewater Pictures
Edgewater Pictures

Video and Film productions.
Details : Feed The Monkey Productions
Feed The Monkey Productions

Film and television production in Spanish and English with an emphasis on "interchange within the global market".
Details : Providence Entertainment
Providence Entertainment

Independent domestic theatrical distribution for family-themed films.
Details : Quixote Studios & Production Vehicles
Quixote Studios & Production Vehicles

Sound stages, studios, high-end production trailers, talent motorhomes, print production services. West Hollywood.
Details : Revelations Entertainment
Revelations Entertainment

Independent production company of Morgan Freeman. Films include 'Under Suspicion', 'Circle William' and the upcoming 'Rendezvous with Rama'.
Details : RG Prince Films
RG Prince Films

Producing movies for the theatre and TV series. Organizing events related to movies and TV productions.
Details : Rik Tinory Productions
Rik Tinory Productions

A 24 track recording studio: with digital mastering facility and C.D. burn.
Details : RISE Studios – Film, Video, Lighting – Cincinnati, Ohio
RISE Studios – Film, Video, Lighting – Cincinnati, Ohio

Provides sound stages for film and video production in Cincinnati Ohio.
Details : RKO Pictures
RKO Pictures

Founded in 1929, it is one of the oldest continuously operating studios. Produced many classics including: Citizen Kane and It's a Wonderful Life.
Details : Rum Productions
Rum Productions

100 Proof Production, with a twist.
Details : Shadoworks Entertainment
Shadoworks Entertainment

A film and video production company based in Tucson, Arizona dedicated to the creation and support of independent Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy film making.
Details : Smokin' Mirrors
Smokin' Mirrors

Official Site - short films, music videos, dope graffix, graffiti art, murals, culture, politics, and tezcatlipoca.
Details : Sony Pictures - Movies
Sony Pictures - Movies

Official movie site. Provides information on upcoming and current releases, and corporate information.
Details : Sony Pictures Studios
Sony Pictures Studios

Information on the studios, and related services that Sony Pictures provide.
Details : The Studio
The Studio

A production facility dealing with national and international clients, located in southern Utah.
Details : The Studios at Las Colinas
The Studios at Las Colinas

Full service production and entertainment facility located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
Details : Tranquil Storm Productions
Tranquil Storm Productions

The defining new company of entertainment.
Details : Tribeca Productions
Tribeca Productions

Founded by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal in 1988. Based in New York.
Details : Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

Official site
Details : Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Official site. [Requires Netscape 4.04+ or Internet Explorer 4.0+ and Flash]
Details : Warner Bros. Online
Warner Bros. Online

Find your favorite entertainment news, movies, TV listings, movie trailers, movie clips, animated cartoons, music and enter for a contest on the Warner Bros. Online UK Official Site.
Details : Warner Bros. Studio Facilities
Warner Bros. Studio Facilities

Provides information and contact details for the production studios of Warner Bros. Includes details of the VIP Studio Tour, designed for visitors to see a Hollywood studio at work.
Details : The Zeitgeist Homepage
The Zeitgeist Homepage

Official site
Details : Imagine-Entertainment

Official site
Details : Movie Tech Studios
Movie Tech Studios

A full service film production studio located in Hollywood, California.
Details :

The online home of Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures.
Details : Minds Eye Pictures
Minds Eye Pictures

An aggressive, well-managed company dedicated to growth through the creation of superior motion picture, television and commercial productions.
Details : Alliance Atlantis Films
Alliance Atlantis Films

Creator, producer, distributor and broadcaster of filmed entertainment.
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