Details : The Great Walk
The Great Walk

The Tahsis Lions Annual Great Walk; 63.5 kilometres (40 miles) of gravel logging road between Gold River and Tahsis on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. History, comments, rankings, videos, links.

Details : Avon 3-Day Walkie Talkies
Avon 3-Day Walkie Talkies

Atlanta based walking team training for the 60 mile Avon 3 day walk to raise funds for breast cancer causes. Directions, training schedule, links, team roster, news, events, and message board.

Details : Chasetrek - Annual Youth Challenge
Chasetrek - Annual Youth Challenge

Open to teams of 3, the event is staged on Cannock Chase, England over about 26 miles and two days. At various points on the route the teams will be tested by an incident. The site also contains a map and compass tutorial.

Details : Connemara Walking Trail
Connemara Walking Trail

A unique opportunity to walk on the beautiful aereas of Connemara. Presents a weekly program and prices.

Details : The Dingle Way Companion
The Dingle Way Companion

South-West Ireland, long distance walking guide with maps, social, historical, archaeological, folklore and other essential information. Includes contact and sales information.

Details : First Verified Walk Around the World
First Verified Walk Around the World

True story about the first time a human being circled the land mass of the earth on foot.

Details : International two-days walk of Flanders
International two-days walk of Flanders

Blankenberge international two-days walk of Flanders. Practical information, lodging, and links.

Details : International Volkssport Federation
International Volkssport Federation

IVV volkssport walking clubs and events worldwide.

Details : JustWalk.com

An online diary which allows to enter data from walking and running workouts.

Details : Kansas City American Heart Walk
Kansas City American Heart Walk

The GKCAHW has the mission to reduce death and disability from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Offers news, event information, a walker guide, and online registration.

Details : Long Distance Trails in the UK
Long Distance Trails in the UK

Personal walks including the Pennine Way, West Highland Way and the Glyndwyrs Way.

Details : Metro Toronto Fitness Club Powerwalking
Metro Toronto Fitness Club Powerwalking

Training tips and event listing for competitive fitness walkers. Also club information and links.

Details : MtN Sports
MtN Sports

Mountain sports guide, including hillwalking and trekking. Feature articles, news, gear guides and the UK Mountain Sports discussion forums.

Details : National Health Study of Nutrition
National Health Study of Nutrition

Provides a free, online analysis of user's diet, physical activities, and lifestyle choices.

Details : Walking at Active.com
Walking at Active.com

Walking races, events, and training for race walking and walking for fitness. Walkers can search and register online for events nationwide, as well as browse training tips and workouts.

Details : Walking Connection
Walking Connection

Leads multi-active adventures to some of the most exciting destinations in the world.

Details : Walking on Skopelos
Walking on Skopelos

Guided walking tours of Skopelos, a Greek island in the Northern Sporades are organised and run by Heather. She also produces an island map and the Sotos Walking Guide.

Details : Western New York Hiking and Walking
Western New York Hiking and Walking

Descriptions and photos of about 30 hiking and walking spots in Western New York. Most are in Erie County.

Details : The Pitfalls of High Heals
The Pitfalls of High Heals

An Alexander Technique teachers explains the potential harm from wearing high heals.

Details : RacewalkingNYC

Walking in New York City. Information, link, races.

Details : Scottish Borders
Scottish Borders

For walking holidays and short breaks in Scotland?s border country. Information on accommodation, attractions, outdoor and indoor activities.

Details : Volkssport and Walking Index
Volkssport and Walking Index

American Volkssport Association walking clubs and non-competitive 10K walking events. Complete calendar and club listings.

Details : Walk the Walk
Walk the Walk

A team of women and men that power walk marathons to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Includes information about events, charities, donations, and links.

Details : Walkable Communities Inc.
Walkable Communities Inc.

A non-profit corporation, organized for to help communities become more walkable and pedestrian friendly.

Details : Walking

Complete guide to walking for fitness, recreation, and competitive racewalking. New articles weekly, comprehensive link library, chat, bulletin board, newsletter.

Details : Walking - The Alexander Technique
Walking - The Alexander Technique

Ways in which this century-old method can help improve the quality of walking.

Details : Walking - the Best Exercise
Walking - the Best Exercise

Expounds the virtues of walking, listing the benefits and linking to sites that go deeper into the various benefits.

Details : Skopelos Island Walks and Hikes
Skopelos Island Walks and Hikes

Guided walking tours of Skopelos are organised and run by Heather. She also produces an island map and the Sotos Walking Guide.

Details : Southern Maine Volkssport Association
Southern Maine Volkssport Association

Provides information on year-round walks and one-day events for Maine and New England. Member of AVA and IVV.

Details : Walk in Virginia
Walk in Virginia

The Virginia Volkssport Association is a Member of the American Volkssport Association. A volkssporting event is a non-competitive organized walk, bike, swim, or cross-country ski designed to appeal to everyone of all ages.

Details : Walk Yourself Well
Walk Yourself Well

Sherry Brourman teaches a proven system for balancing the body and eliminating structural pain.

Details : Walkablock Club of America
Walkablock Club of America

A National Walking Club on the Internet.

Details : Walker's Warehouse Fitness
Walker's Warehouse Fitness

Designed to provide the ability to log walks, chat with walkers, research walking events and travel, and purchase walking products.

Details : Walkz.com

Walking information and guided UK walks. Easy rambles to mountain expeditions. Adventurous activities abseils caving climbing. Outdoor training courses.

Details : The Walking Site - A Resource for Walkers
The Walking Site - A Resource for Walkers

How to start and maintain a fitness walking program, and where to find walking information. FAQ, clubs, links. Tips for beginners, racewalking, events, marathons, and walking gear.

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