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Details : Amisoft Arcade Games
Amisoft Arcade Games

In a world were most of the games are 3d, people seems to forget the fun that a classic game can bring. Our goal is to bring to gamers quality games in the classic style.
Details : Brain Block Interactive, Inc.
Brain Block Interactive, Inc.

Logication is a captivating strategy board game for one or two players. Arcade Mah Jongg challenging game that combines the ever-popular Mah Jongg with arcade style play.
Details : SubmarineS

Destroy enemy subs before they sink your ship. The game has good rendered 3D graphics, music and sound effects. The trial version has ten levels.
Details : Tams11 Software
Tams11 Software

Multi player shareware games that include Far Star cards and Mystery Square Word, each game contains lobby with chat options.
Details : Strange Games
Strange Games

Shareware and freeware games for Windows and Macintosh platforms, all programmed by James Burton.
Details : TC Cons Software
TC Cons Software

Developers of shareware games for the everyday person. Games are fun and the average kid can play them. Games include logic games, arcade racing, fast action basketball, puzzles, and horseshoe simulation. [Windows]
Details : Trian Software
Trian Software

Games and utilities softare developers.
Details : Twilight Games
Twilight Games

A Snake's Life battle against many animals and dangers in forests, fields, deserts and other worlds in this modern Windows arcade game.
Details : The World Wide Wizard Championships
The World Wide Wizard Championships

Game about a series of 30 magic tournaments including screenshot and downloads for Windows 3.11 and 95.
Details : VertexLabs, Inc.
VertexLabs, Inc.

Battle Snake is an original arcade computer game. The game has nice graphics and sounds. RotoBlox; collection of nine different Tetris clone games. Smart Reversi is a computer version of the classic strategy game "Othello".
Details : Yav Computer Games Land
Yav Computer Games Land

Developer and publisher of non-violent shareware computer games for entire family. If you are looking for addictive puzzle, logic game, word game or RPG, then you are at the right place.
Details : Slothsoft Software
Slothsoft Software

Official web page of Slothsoft. You can download all of our great Mac and DOS games including Suicide Ball and Space Siege.
Details : Stefan Fleischmann's Shareware
Stefan Fleischmann's Shareware

Home of Bomby, action game and WinHex, Hex editor for files.
Details : Spiderweb Software Inc.
Spiderweb Software Inc.

Company makes classic fantasy role-playing games, featuring huge worlds, multitudes of puzzles and quests, and an epic story. [Win/Mac]
Details : Alhademic Group
Alhademic Group

Collection of Windows mind and logic games including, Advanced Video Poker, Alhademic Lines, Alhademic Balls, Alhademic Tetrix, Alhademic Sniper and other games.
Details : Axe Software
Axe Software

Several products to choose from. Quest, the easy to use text adventure. QX3 Server Alpha, allowing you to create and host your own Internet multi player games.
Details : Discovera

A remake of the popular xonix game. The aim of the game is to uncover all the pictures. Choose sets of pictures according to taste (nature, movies, cartoons, animals, music, cars, cities). New collections of pictures can be added. Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
Details : Digital Playthings
Digital Playthings

Shareware games for Windows 95/98 a puzzle arcade game and two casino favorites, Poker and Slots.
Details : DynoTech Software
DynoTech Software

Download award-winning educational software and puzzle games .
Details : Divo Games
Divo Games

Shareware and freeware games for all ages. 3D and 2D arcade, action, logic and puzzle games. Create remakes of well-known games and the original games.
Details : Dataware Programs
Dataware Programs

Quality shareware games including role playing games such as the Winged Warrior series, a game maker called Quest Creator, and others.
Details : Onefog Xonix
Onefog Xonix

Clone of the classic arcade QIX. It is played in a 2-dimensional arena, in which balls bounce around. Playing tips and screen shots.
Details : Gerry Quinn's Mathematical Games
Gerry Quinn's Mathematical Games

A selection of PC and Java software, mostly related to mathematical games and puzzles. (Win 3.1/95/98/NT)
Details : Kite Software
Kite Software

Games for Windows, small download size and lots of fun. KitePaintball; play virtual paintball over a network, and Netkanoid; a clone of Arkanoid with some additional features like time bombs, and flying creatures.
Details : Rainer Deyke's Computer Games
Rainer Deyke's Computer Games

Shareware and freeware fun arcade-style games and action/role-playing games for Windows 95+ and Linux.
Details : Sam's Space
Sam's Space

Consists of all of the greatest shareware games and programs currently available.
Details : Gamescape Studios
Gamescape Studios

Download shareware and freeware games. Choose from a selection of casino and arcade tiles.
Details : Jumbo Games
Jumbo Games

Large shareware collection for Windows 95/98. Easy to search and download.
Details : Quatro & Quinto
Quatro & Quinto

Try to make as many words as possible from a grid of letters provided.
Details : Ron Heuse
Ron Heuse

Author of Dragons (Mah Jongg solitaire), Word Dash (word game), Minesweeper Mania, and Shifter (puzzle game). [DOS/Win 3.1/95/98]
Details : JBS software Inc.
JBS software Inc.

Develops and publishes high quality shareware and freeware games, include logic puzzle arcade board kids games.
Details :

An extensive collection of shareware and freeware games available for PC. Many categories to choose from.
Details : Game Extazy
Game Extazy

A game archive that targets a broad range of shareware and freeware games of various genres for downloads. Supports game submission with the use of PAD.
Details : BrainTwister

Variety of arcade, board, logic and card games for Win95/98/2000/NT.
Details : C-EON Software
C-EON Software

Developers of shareware games. Aliens 2k a game based on the old arcade "Space Invaders" game. Visual Impact a remake of the classic card game solitaire. [Win 95/98/Me/2000/NT]
Details : Cheat Machine
Cheat Machine

Game cheating software program. Collection of cheats for various games. With build in support for trainers and other files. [Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000]
Details :

Several Arcade games, Board games, Card games and others.
Details : Family Games Web Center
Family Games Web Center

Fun Internet activities, plus downloadable non violent freeware and shareware games for kids and their families.
Details : File Mine
File Mine

Search and browse for downloadable games files of shareware, freeware, and commercial demos for PC and MAC.
Details : EIPC programmes
EIPC programmes

Shareware arcade games for Windows 95/98/Me.
Details : Frog World
Frog World

Windows game like Frogger, offers an entirely playable first world which consists of six entire levels.
Details : Galleus Home
Galleus Home

Galleus presents Concentration the Memory Games and Solitaire Package One. Shareware games for Windows 3.1x, 9x/NT4/ME/2000/XP.
Details : Logic Games
Logic Games

Collection of challenging computer games focusing on logic, strategy and problem solving for both Windows and Macintosh computers.
Details : LogicKing Studios
LogicKing Studios

Arcade game that is a newest remake of popular logic game. This time play using a clever docker, use your forklift to shove items into their appropriate locations. The game features multiple items that go in different spots to make things a bit more challenging.
Details : Moraffware

One of the very first shareware game companies. Windows games are non violent, puzzle board or arcade type games that challenge and sharpen the mind. Games include mahjongg, jigsaws and arcade.
Details : MP-Software

Developer of Quest of Xynha a role playing game. Provides walkthrough and screen shots.
Details : MVP Software
MVP Software

Free downloads of Classic shareware games, including Rings of the Magi, card games, Kids' games, board games, Vegas games, word games, arcade games, and classic fun games.
Details : Neon Games
Neon Games

Download demos as well as buy registered versions.
Details : Nice Tennis
Nice Tennis

A virtual tennis game with backgrounds that can be customize.
Details : Nizux Software
Nizux Software

Crazy Cowboy, the object of this game is to shoot all drinks that are served by the bartender. [Windows 98/2000/XP]
Details : Nordos Shareware
Nordos Shareware

Strategy, arcade and puzzle games.
Details : Absolutist's PC Game Collection
Absolutist's PC Game Collection

Shareware game downloads for Windows including puzzles, arcade, Tetris, lines, and chess, as well as online games and player contests.
Details : Alawar Entertainment
Alawar Entertainment

Company that creates and publish nice and wellknown game's titles like Digger, Bubble Bobble. There are 20+ games on site and all are free to download.
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